Review: The Bunny and the Billionaire – Louisa Masters (Dreamspun Desires #43)

Author: Louisa Masters
Reviewer: Toni
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Spending their fortunes and losing their hearts.
Hardworking Australian nurse Ben Adams inherits a substantial sum and decides to tour Europe. In Monaco, the home of glamour and the idle rich, he meets French billionaire playboy Léo Artois. After getting off on the wrong foot—as happens when one accuses a stranger of being part of the Albanian mafia—their attraction blazes. Léo, born to the top tier of society, has never known limits, and Ben, used to budgeting every cent, finds it difficult to adjust to not only Léo’s world, but also the changes wealth brings to his own life.
As they make allowances for each other’s foibles, Ben gradually appreciates the finer things, and Léo widens his perspective. They both know one thing: this is not a typical holiday romance and they’re not ready to say goodbye.


I must say that the thought of spending money like it was water does scare me however, Ben does learn to splurge when he feels it’s important. Ben Adams is a likeable goofy character that sounds adorable. He’s a bit klutzy and genuine when faced with Léo’s suave personality.

I love how the author allows us to see into Ben’s thoughts and his thought stream. I must say he’s quite jumbled most of the time, which is endearing. This story is told mostly from Ben’s point of view and allows us to be swept into his life.

Ben is on a major tour of Europe and when he stops in Monaco his life changes. He’s eating the most decadent ice cream when he sees a trio of men going into a casino across the way. His first thought? Someone is going to be assassinated. So of course, he must go investigate. Léo has already spotted his admirer and nicknamed him Bunny.

There are several characters that are involved. We meet Ben’s best friend Dani, Léo’s cousin Malik and friend Lucien, plus some other secondary characters. The story is tightly written and moves at a fair clip which makes for easy reading.

Some of the drawbacks are descriptions of places where the characters visit. I would love to have read more about Ben’s discovery of some of the historical sites he sees and places he visits. Also, when Ben is tasting an extremely expensive champagne I only got that he really liked it, but not what made it amazing.

Overall this is a HEA story. The plot is tied up nicely and it does leave you with ideas about what is going to happen to the couple in the future. I would like to see maybe a sequel with Ben and Léo for how they work out their lives together.


Dreamspinner Press 

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