Review: Tinnean – Silver Bells

Author: Tinnean
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Mm

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

Summary: Max Futé and Avery “Smitty” Schmidt are both doctors who work for the Washington Bureau of Intelligence and Security. They’ve settled into a comfortable relationship, and although Max assures him otherwise, Smitty is waiting for the other shoe to drop. That will be when Charles Browne, Max’s former lover, realizes what he’s let slip through his fingers and comes to take Max back.

Although Charles had enjoyed having Max in his bed, he’s always declared he wasn’t gay. And finding solace with other men after Max left him had nothing to do with … anything. Now, however, he’s found a woman who ticks all his boxes in spite of her somewhat kinky tastes.

Will Santa give them each what they want most this Christmas?

Review: I am not sure if the issue is that I haven’t read anything else in the series but I had a real problem connecting with anyone here. Technically, the story is about Max and Smitty and whether Max would end up going back to Charles, who wants him back. However, it seemed much more a story of Charles finding a woman than anything, with Max and Smitty sort of background. I wasn’t thrilled with the girly fantasies Charles had but probably would have dealt with it better if he wasn’t such a walking douchebag. Honestly, there is so little to like about him that I can’t even imagine why Max loved him in the first place. “You’re only living here because I owe you.” Even as he was claiming to want Max back, it didn’t seem like it to me. He just wanted someone.

We get some interesting side characters – Granger and his two pregnant girlfriends and members of WBIS. For me, it wasn’t enough to alleviate the disconnect I felt with the characters. Max and Smitty are likeable enough but since the focus seemed to be on Charles, I didn’t get to know them very well. So, even as Tinnean is a favorite of mine, this one was a miss for me.



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