Review: Toni Griffin – Corey’s Christmas Bundle: A Holiday to Remember series (Atherton Pack 5)

Author: Toni Griffin
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: MM Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Summary: Being pregnant is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially when you’re male and a shifter. Even though the world now knows about wolf shifters, their male’s ability to bare young is still a closely guarded secret. Since Corey’s pregnancy is now visible, he’s been stuck at home working on code and waiting for company to drop by. Problem is, though, the human government wants to know where Corey is.

As Christmas and Corey’s due date draw ever nearer, Ben devises a plan that will not only get Corey out of the house, but allows the wolves of Atherton Pack to give the community some Christmas cheer.

For this book of the Atherton pack, we catch up with Corey and his mate Ethan, who discover after a very happy birthday celebration that Corey is pregnant. The world this series is set in, shifters are known to humans, however, it is not known that male shifters can become pregnant, so as Corey starts to show, the human government they work with starts to notice his absence in meetings and the office. Considering the time of year, Alpha Ben comes up with an interesting idea to cover both issues!

While it is likely not absolutely necessary to read the entire Atherton Pack series to read this holiday story, I’m sure you’ll want to if you like paranormal Mpreg stories! Of the wolf shifter series’ this author has produced, there is something about the Atherton pack that I like even more than the Holland brothers – and I really enjoyed those stories! Although the bonus of any of them is that you can imagine the Australian accents of the characters since it is set there!

What I do like about this series is that the shifter who will become pregnant is not necessarily the one you assume is the “weaker” wolf, as it were. Corey is the big, strong beta, but he’s the one who gets pregnant – and is fine with it! I like that (especially if you have read the first Corey book to know how they got to this point!). There really is not a stereotypical role for these characters and it’s so well done, I sometimes forget to mention that!

This was a fun story in the series, with a pregnancy, worried mates, working with the human world and then how to manage when the little one decides it’s time to arrive! There managed to be some pretty steamy scenes between the two main characters, heartfelt moments, some laughs and, as always, the support along with the teasing of the close pack they are. For a short story, a lot of story gets packed into it with a well paced story where you could easily read more and I really enjoyed it.

If you are already a Toni Griffin fan or interested in shifter mpreg, I believe you will enjoy this story….and will likely have fans asking if they will get more Atherton Pack books in the new year! It’s a change from the first two stories of the A Holiday to Remember collection, which makes it a very interesting and diverse set of stories!



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