Review: Tray Ellis – A Piece of Ourselves

Author: Tray Ellis
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Mischief Corner Books
Genre: Mm Holiday

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Balancing holidays between two families can make cheerful celebrations into chores. Carson Benedetti’s mom has overscheduled the Christmas holidays and she’s more than insistent that boyfriend Tynan Harris come into the family fold. There’s so much to do Tynan can’t find time to bring Carson over to his own family and he feels like they are being left in the dust.

After dating for nine months, and with their relationship becoming more serious, Tynan’s patience is sorely tested by the multitude of Benedetti family traditions keeping them busy. Tynan needs to figure out how to find some breathing room, split their time more fairly, and make Christmas more than just tradition by rote.
Review: Tynan and Carson are in love and this year is the first they are sharing holidays together. They are spending Thanksgiving with Carson’s family. Tynan is sad to miss his own gathering but compromises must be made. Until he hears the tight schedule Carson’s mother has for the family for Christmas. Every weekend of the month is scheduled, planned and not to be missed. Tynan starts to worry, “Tynan wondered where the space was between all that family time for anyone else to fit in.”

I have to admit, I was getting hella ticked off at Carson for not standing up to his mother about the whole tight schedule and expectations. “For a moment Tynan felt like he teetered on the edge of a bottomless pit where he’d plummet into Carson’s family, abandoning his own.” When they decide to spend Christmas separately with their own family it made me sad because that’s not the way to start. As Tynan makes more compromises and gives in to the cookie weekend, the tree weekend, the decorating weekend, I kept shaking my head at Carson – stand up for yourself! It’s not like Tynan dislikes Carson’s family or even the things they are doing. “He just wished there was a little space for his family. And for him and Carson to have their own time.”

Luckily, I underestimated them. I absolutely adored their Christmas tradition. They’ve got it, these boys. With all the push and pull that is the holiday, this one ended up being perfect.



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