Review: V.L. Locey – Game Misconduct (Point Shot #2)

gameAuthor: V.L. Locey
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: MM Hockey

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: This book is a sequel to Two Man Advantage

Life has been treating Victor Kalinski well, which is a surprise for the ginger-haired forward with the venomous tongue. His career is somewhat stable, at least for another season. His relationship with Cougars alternate captain Dan Arou is deepening, despite the fact that Daniel has yet to come out of the closet.

It’s typical Kalinski luck when a puck bunny he shared a drunken night with several months ago slaps him with a paternity suit. Despite the sizzling passion and painfully heartfelt connection between them, Dan doesn’t take the news well, and heads back to Canada alone.

If he wants to make things right and win back the man he loves, Vic has no choice but to swallow his pride—and nobody’s prouder than hotheaded, ego-driven Victor Kalinski.

Review: OH man, how in the world did I forget the complete douche move that Vic does at the end of Two Man Advantage? I guess because it ticked me off so much. Well, here we have the big reminder of that douchebaggy move, when the puck bunny he cheated with comes back with a paternity suit. You really do have to read this series in order because I feel this book is very dependent on the actions of the first.
In true Vic fashion, he acts like a jerk to both Heather, the baby mama, and to Dan, his lover. I questioned in my review of Two Man Advantage – what happened about the cheating? Did Vic come clean and tell Dan? How did Dan react? Well, here we find out that the coward didn’t tell Dan at all. I wanted to slap him. There are times it is really difficult to even care about Vic, let alone like him. “You throw me out without even giving me a chance to explain?” Explain what, Vic? That you cheated, never told him and not only that, but believe it was okay because it was “…just a chick”? To me, that said loud and clear that you’d do it again. I felt so much pain for Dan that by then I hoped he would leave Vic and stay away.
It takes a conversation with a drunken teammate, one that Vic never even got along with, to make his stupid eyes open to what he’s done and what he’s doing to Dan. Even then, when he interrupts a conversation with Dan and Brooks I wanted to shout at him. Vic causes some big emotions, most of them angry! It is only after Vic starts to realize the pain he’s causing this man who he loves that he starts to take a long look at himself and that’s when it starts to get better. He tells Dan how sweet he is. “Too sweet to be hooked up with a raving butt plug like me.” Finally, you get it, Vic.
I liked that there was no instant forgiveness and that Heather, baby mama, wasn’t vilified. Despite Vic’s best efforts to believe otherwise, she wasn’t some slutty puck bunny after his money and that was appreciated.
Just a warning, very similar to the first book, this one ends with a cliffhanger. Yes, we have our HFN with Vic and Dan but Heather, Phil and the homophobic tweets are left wide open. Be aware. The humor is here, despite a serious undertone with the ramifications of cheating, and Vic is still an abrasive, foul mouthed hockey player.



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