Review: V.L. Locey – Holly and Hockey Boots

32790117Author: V.L. Locey
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self published
Genre: MM Holiday/Sports

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: Minor league goalie Adam Seiger is a nice guy. He’s kind, cute, and a little quirky (but show me a goalie who isn’t) and he loves to interact with fans. During a meet and greet after a game Adam meets Cason Reyes, a hard-working young man with stunning amber eyes and a smile as sweet as a candy cane. Desperate to see Cason again, Adam does something more than a little naughty.

To add insult to the egg nog, it appears that one little white lie may end Adam’s chance of having a merry Christmas with a new boyfriend. Will he end up with nothing but a lump of coal in his stocking, instead of the man who owns his heart?

Review: Adam Seiger is a typical goalie – he’s a little out there, sort of odd but underneath he has ambitions, a great sense of humor and he’s pretty cute. He loves to meet and greet the fans but is blindsided when he meets Cason, who is there with his nephew, Finn. In a moment of “I want him” Adam blurts out a lie. It’s not a huge one and he probably could have fixed everything up if he had admitted right away but of course he didn’t. He tells the pair there is a holiday party, no alcohol, just the players and Santa and all the holiday joy. Except, well, there isn’t one.

Let’s put it out there. Adam has the funniest thoughts and a lot of what he says. I was laughing out loud repeatedly over the Mayor of Mopeville. This story was just, in a phrase, so much fun. From Rob the roommate (who is amazing in his own right) to Aunt Bailey (“We’ll be home in two hours. Is two hours enough for two men to make good gay sex? Make it three. Three hours.”) to Adam himself, it’s funny. Cason is a little more subdued but that was okay. He has Finn to consider, as well as his father.

As Adam tries to both pursue Finn and maybe figure out a way around the lie, things get complicated. He turns to Rob, “Rob was one of my teammates and my roommate. Rob is a good guy, totally laid back about me being black, Canadian, a Leafs fan, gay and a goalie. ….He only disliked my need to plaster those no-slip flowers all over his shower stall when I’d moved in with him two months before.” Well, can you blame Rob? But Rob is there for Adam and that is an awesome thing. He also bolsters Adam when because of the lie, Adam is positive he is “…a rotten human being” because he knows Adam isn’t, no-slip flowers aside. “Silly little netminder with his head stuck in the puffy clouds of romance,” is what Rob says, but he helps Adam come up with a maybe idea to salvage the situation.

Delbert, the owner of the local dive bar and two wonky facing eyes, takes the last of Adam’s money to cover the rental of the bar, but now what? There’s no money for food, Santa, gifts, decorations, nothing. Delbert won’t return the money and Adam can’t figure out a way out of the mess. Especially when Cason and Finn are so excited about it. He’s going to lose his chance with Cason and he couldn’t be sadder. “I was a moper. A big dumb moping moper. I should change my email address to Adam Seiger, Mayor of Mopeville.” Seriously, I was laughing out loud at this man.
You have to read it to find out what happens and how “Ebenezer Seiger Scrooge”, who is now “…getting on my own nerves…” handles the situation. You need to meet Rob, Aunt Bailey and Uncle Owen, who are the sort of family we should all be lucky enough to have and love. They are cool with everything about Adam, except when he wears a Rangers jersey because it’s the only thing clean. “You might better go naked,” my uncle said as he glowered at the shirt.”

Whether it was the time of year, the day I read it or just that Adam is like my spirit animal, I adored this book, these characters and the whole silly, fluffy, funny thing. The hockey was a bonus.



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