Review: Vanessa Mulberry – His Treasure Hunting Billionaire

Author: Vanessa Mulberry
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Deep Desires Press
Genre: Mm Contemporary

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: Billionaire reality star Ted Arthur needs a fake boyfriend for his fake vacation. Since his rise to fame on Treasures of the Deep, the paparazzi haven’t left him alone, but now he’s close to discovering the Santa Ana—a legendary treasure wreck worth, by his reckoning, five hundred million dollars. Paranoid he’ll lose the chance to discover the galleon, he needs a cover story for the dive.

Peter Smart just wants a job for the summer vacation before he starts his PhD specializing in Marine Archeology. When he joins the crew of Ted’s superyacht he has no idea he’s there to fake a relationship for the paparazzi, or that his employer is a billionaire.

Peter’s academic background clashes with Ted’s work, but Ted’s smitten by the sexy young man he’s hired, and Peter falls hard for his handsome employer. Can they overcome Ted’s paranoia and Peter’s prejudice and find love in the Mediterranean sunshine or will their romance sink without a trace?

Review: Ted Arthur is a billionaire and a reality star, as well as a treasure hunter who is now searching for a huge haul – the Santa Ana. He comes up with the idea to use Peter as a decoy to keep the paparazzi off his tail as to the reason he’s really there. Unfortunately, Peter doesn’t know that’s what he’s there for. He doesn’t even realize who Ted really is (which seemed odd to me if he’s a super rich pop icon).

The story is not just about Peter and Ted but about the dive to save an archeological treasure from looters without anyone knowing, including Ted’s scumbag ex, Garrett. It is a race to see who will get to the treasure first. They spend time both getting to know each other, in a sort of insta-love way, and figuring out their dive.

Of course we have the whole “I didn’t tell you the truth” hanging over their heads for a part of the story so you know that is going to cause some friction, “…Peter had already discovered keeping the dive secret was more important to him than telling the truth” and so that tends to cloud things too. Sometimes, Ted doesn’t think before he acts, like when he goes off to see Garrett without telling Peter and doesn’t think about how Peter might interpret that.

I have to admit, this was pretty farfetched as a whole, but it was entertaining. This is a new-to-me author and her writing style worked for me. It was a little too cheery at times (weird to say, I know) for what they were doing but outside of that, an easy, engaging read.



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