Review: Wayne Mansfield – Down Memory Lane

Author: Wayne Mansfield
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: Mm

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary:When Vincent takes shelter in a bookshop one stormy day, he happens upon a book of male nudes. One of them brings back memories of his first, and possibly greatest, love — Daniel McClary. When a sales assistant tells him there’s a man who resembles the model in the picture that comes into the shop every week, Vincent wonders if it could be the same man who broke his heart twenty years ago.

He looks up Daniel’s Facebook page and is disappointed to discover Daniel is married and has two sons. Nevertheless, he starts to frequent the store, watching and waiting for the man he’s sure is Daniel. Finally, Daniel makes an appearance. Vincent approaches him and says hello, immediately realizing his love for Daniel is still strong. But what difference does it make? Daniel’s a family man.

However, the next time they meet, Daniel reveals something which gives Vincent a tiny spark of hope.

Review: Vincent takes shelter in a bookstore one rainy day, and happens upon a book of male nudes that includes a man who reminds him of his first love, Daniel. A sales assistant tells him a man who resembles the model has been coming in the shop each week, he decides to stay awhile and return, even though it is unlikely it’s Daniel. As chance would have it, it is Daniel and as he looks up Daniel on Facebook and renews his acquaintance with him, he finds while many things have changed, a few things have not. The story is told from Vincent’s point of view.

I liked the premise of this book that two men who were once dating meet again many years later and maybe find they still have something together 20 years later. However, cheating does factor into this story and I do have an issue with that, even if one person has already been cheated on. That is a personal thing and a bit of a spoiler, but if that does not bother you, then you likely will enjoy this story!

That said, I liked how the author had him slip into counselor mode on more than one occasion, to get Daniel out of his emotions and what he knew of his husband, Bryce, when it came to the children they share – both with a few extreme life changes he was considering or when he was suddenly concerned with Bryce drinking while the kids were home (which was likely because he knew he screwed up a good thing with Daniel). Vincent never makes Bryce into an enemy, even though he knows he could end up on the losing end of any kind of affair or rekindling of a relationship with Daniel. I would have liked a bit more detail into Vincent’s life, why he was still single himself since he seems like a nice man with a steady job, he does not seem to have been pining for anyone, and as the story progressed, he really is a good guy who deserves a happy ending. This story ends with the promise or potential of a happy ending, as there is still things to be dealt with for Daniel and his family and for Vincent to see if he wants to make the change suggested.

This is a short story of rekindling a lost love, as it were, and while I would have liked more detail for Vincent, it had a good pace, a few hot scenes, although not too graphic as the point seemed to be about Vincent renewing his feelings for Daniel and for Daniel to determine his next steps for his life. If you like former lovers being reunited and don’t mind cheating or the suggestion of, you will likely enjoy this story.



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