Review : Zathyn Priest – Inside His Reflection

Inside His Reflection_PROMO sizeAuthor: Zathyn Priest
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre: MM Contemporary Drama

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary:A blind date leaves Harry reeling, and another date goes as badly. Scars on Elijah’s face are clues of a broken soul, yet Harry can’t walk away. Not even when he learns Elijah sees a dead man in mirror reflections.
Elijah’s sanity snaps. Blamed for crimes he didn’t commit, Elijah has already survived a brutal murder attempt and now hides under a Protection Program. Harry must have faith he is innocent and fight for Elijah’s stolen rights. Can Harry do this without losing his mind, his own rights, and the man he loves?

Review: There’s no way I can write a review that does justice to a book I found completely riveting and mesmerizing so I’ll keep this fairly simple.

The plot is very intricate and weaves together a number of different threads representing challenges and enormous injustices rained down on not only the primary characters (Elijah and Harry), but also secondary characters that were equally integral to the whole of the story. And while there’s a strong thread of romance involved here, it’s doesn’t necessarily take center stage under the spotlight.

This is a story where less is truly more – in other words, the less that I say as a reviewer and the fewer details I provide about all the things that made this book special, the more you will appreciate it (trust me on this). This book deserves to be shrouded in mystery so that each reader can experience the journey and uncover all the hidden gems that suck you in and make you lose all track of time and place.

Expect to experience a full range of emotions as you read this story. It has depth, it has characters you will become invested in who are definitely not perfect, and it has a master storyteller at its foundation who clearly labors to bring forward his best work each and every time. That … is a winning combination. Do yourself a favor. Grab this book and go find yourself a nice and cozy little corner to snuggle (hide out) in while you enjoy one of the treasures of 2015. Brilliant!

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  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review!

  2. Very welcome – thanks for a great book!

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