Reviewers of Hearts’ 2012 Favorite Lists

Our wonderful reviewers choose their all time favorites of 2012 (not limited to reviews done on Hearts).  Maybe you’ll find a new favorite…


Aggie’s 2012 Favorites

Inertia By Amelia Gormley; it was a great emotional read, with a blue collar dude who needed to find love and come out of his shell. Derrick Chance is just so yummy and he has issues. And one of the best wank scenes I have read in a loooong time.

Acceleration By Amelia Gormley;  because it was more Derrick and his struggles to start and stay in a relationship.

Haunted Passions and Whiskey Dreams by Ranae Rose; God, Sleepy Hollow was never sexier! The description of the lovemaking between the characters was so vivid and breathtaking, It was also very good story telling. Loved it. Great m/m/f scenes.

Hooch & Howls by Karenna Colcroft. I loved it because of the originality of the time period and setting, the great characters, an alpha wolf who wasn ‘t an asshole, and all around good story telling and sex.

His Own Devices by Jessica Freely. I just loved the story. It was original and cute. And who cannot resist a blue, detachable penis? This book also had a great wank scene that had me drooling. It also covered issues about oppression and slavey in a science fiction setting.

Enslaved By A Trailblazer by Anitra Lynn McLeod; Because two cocks are better than one!

Hide-N-Seek by Georgina Moxley; Green alien girl teases human dudes to get some nookie; and I go cuckoo!

A Hard Winter Rain by John Inman; great thriller about a sicko psychopath who stalks his gay brother. Loved it because it had great characters, a horrific, twisted villian, witty dialogue and just all around good writing.

Bartender, P.I. By Ethan Stone; Linc was such a lovable dumbass. I had fun reading about his misadventures.

Night Shift by Missouri Dalton; It was a fast, fun read with the paranormal elements that I love. I actually went back and bought her first Night Shift book, The Hanged Man’s Ghost and loved it. She is going to be an author that I will read a lot by. I also reviewed Halloween, her short story for ya, and enjoyed it as well.

The Vampire’s Brat by Cheryl Dragon; OMG! I loved this m/f novella because the chickie was a curvy loudmouth who gave the hero vampire a hard time and I liked him because he loved bigger gals. Grrreat! Hot sex scenes and when she ordered him to ” eat her ” I about lost it. She was so bossy and funny.

Love & Hate by TN Tarrant; A realistic, emotionally charged tale about a colllege kid whose parents hate him enough to want to kill him. I loved it because of the social message about religious intolerance and the power of love of others when family let you down. Also the sex scenes and love between the main characters came naturally.

Eden Springs by Ada Maria Soto; A nice gay western that I enjoyed very much


Connie’s 2012 Favorites

I read over 170 books in 2012, out of those 34 landed on my Favorites 2012 List.

For many different reasons, some of them were published during 2012 others are old classics that I haven’t had the chance to read before this past year.

So I will try to organized them and share with you my most favorites and the reasons why.

Something Like Winter, sequel to Something Like Summer. Finally Jay Bell shares with us Tim & Ben´s story from Tim POV and it was one of the most powerful books I read this year, and one of the most anticipated ones. Completing the series and getting the whole picture, absolutely worthy!

The Party Boy’s Guide to Dating a Geek (Clumsy Cupid Guidebooks, #1)  I literally LOL with this book. A unique premise, that every nerd at heart will love without a doubt. Is the type of book that will leave you with a warm and happy feeling inside.

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart the best YA LGBT book I read this year without a doubt. Honestly the characters, the storyline, and the amazing way the author portraits two fanboys falling in love with each other. If you’ve ever been part of a fandom you´ll love this book.

After Ben (Seattle Stories, #1) for me the Best New Author out there, Con Riley. With three new books during 2012 in the Seattle Stories, Con Riley is turning into a favorite. I guess what I like the most is how real this love/life stories are. This characters can easily be your friend, neighbour, brother. And that makes them even better.

One author that needs no introduction, TJ Klune, I love him. He is an amazing writer and both Burn (Elementally Evolved #1) and Who We Are (Bear, Otter, and the Kid #2) are among my 2012 books of the year. For different reasons, Burn is paranormal fantasy and Who We Are the sequel to a classic in my book, Bear, Otter & The Kid. So if you are looking for a contemporary romance that will make you cry just as much as it will make you laugh then try TJ´s  books.

I´ve also discover that I like Historical Romance, who knew, and in that genre there is no one I like to read more than Ava March. Her Brook Street Series are AMAZING!

Also, a great free story made it into my favorite list, Marking Time by CJ Anthony. It was part of the Love is Always Write Event in the MM Romance Group on Goodreads. And I find that by reading some of these free stories you’ll discover new great authors. So go give it a chance too if you haven’t read it yet.

Last, but not least a new author I discovered just two weeks ago and it is without a doubt my new favorite, C Cardeno. She´s been around for a while but I´ve just got to start her Home Series last week. Why wasn’t I reading them?!

And out of the ones that were not published in 2012, but I read them during the past year I have to mention:

  • Muscling Through – I dare you not to fall in love with Al.
  • Special Delivery (Special Delivery, #1) – Hottest book EVER!
  • The Angel of 13th Street – Have tissues ready, you’ll need them.
  • By Any Other Name (By Any Other Name #1) – Want a little menage? Give Tia Fielding a chance.


Diane’s 2012 Favorites

  • Afflicted and Afflicted II by Brandon Shire
  • One Boy’s Shadow – Ross A McCoubrey
  • Your Biggest Fan – Missy Welsh
  • End of the Innocence – John Goode
  • Who we Are – TJ Klune
  • Spell Cats – Tara Lain
  • Indigo Knights: Champion – Jet Mykles
  • Something to Believe In – Sloan Parker
  • Second Chances – TA Webb
  • Little Boy Lost: Sacrificed – JP Barnaby

Two anthologies from Total e Bound also make my list:

  • His Hero
  • Unconventional at Best

Don’s 2012 Favorites

  • Brute by Kim Fielding
  • Something Different by T. Baggins
  • Book of Secrets by RJ Scott
  • A Better Man by Jaime Reese

Kevin’s 2012 Favorites 

Counterpoint: Dylan’s Story by Ruth Sims

Wildcat by Scarlet Blackwell

Talker (Talker, #1) by Amy Lane

Duck! (Avian Shifters, #1) by Kim Dare

Music of the Night by M.L. Rhodes

Lucy’s 2012 Favorites

Books. The stories can make you laugh, bring you to tears, drive you to frustration, leave you content or maybe just fill time waiting for an appointment. A good book touches an emotion. A great book also leaves something with you. A message, a lesson, a feeling. For me, these are the books of 2012 that did that, in one way or another. I’m a little stingy with my five heart ratings, because I love so many books but only a few make me want to meet the characters, hang out with them and maybe give them a hug. A big thank you to the authors who put their hard work out for us to read. An extra thank you to the ones who made me love those books.

Mandy’s 2012 Favorites


Butterfly Hunter by Julie Bozza

There is no way I can really describe my feelings about this story adequately, it’s such a beautifully written story, it flows and meanders slowly, taking me along for a ride not only to find the illustrious butterflies …but also Dave’s discovery..sometimes you just have to not want to find something, letting go really can open doors.

Love Comes Silently by Andrew Grey

A lovely romantic story with two good men working with what they have been dealt and still persevering.
Reading this story was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Sock It To Me, Santa by Madison Parker

The cutest YA story, I just wanted to hug this story and keep it in my pocket.
High School is always a challenge and being different is asking for trouble. In this short we find out what happens when arts and crafts, a secret Santa and a big helping of bravery and a very cool Mom come together.
Sweet, touching and highly recommended.

Dirty Play , Dirty Zero( Zero to Hero #1) Dirty Hero ( Zero to Hero#2), Dirty Fighter , Dirty Drag and  Not Microwave Safe by Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams has written six free shorts and I have enjoyed them all.
They are funny and original and leave me with a smile and a chuckle, definitely worth reading.

Golden Dancer by Tara Lain

I like m/m/m stories and this one was fun, sexy and sweet.
Mac and Daniel are such big alpha males but they need ballet dancer Trelain with his small stature and huge personality and vice versa. One of my favorite ménage stories.

The Strongest Shape by Tessa Cardenas

This is a ‘golden oldie’ that I just discovered this year in my search for good ménage books and it moved right to my favorites.

Maya’s 2012 Favorites 

Deadly Secrets by Savannah Hartley
Shattered Glas by Dani  Alexander
Sinner’s Gin by Rhys Ford
Songs of the Earth by Lexi Ander
Stars & Stripes by Abigail Roux
Dark Soul Series by Aleksandr Voinov
The Condor – Isa K

Nancy’s 2012 Favorites 

  • The F-Words, by Anyta Sunday (sweet and moving story of love, loss and self-discovery)
  • The Cool Part of His Pillow, by Rodney Ross (one of the saddest, yet comforting stories I read this year)
  • King Perry, by Edmond Manning (a most unforgettable journey of the heart)
  • Kei’s Gift, by Ann Somerville (one of my favorite enemies-to-lovers story)
  • Protection, by S.A. Reid (painful and beautiful)

Penumbra’s 2012 Favorites


I don’t often give a book five stars, and all the ones listed here have received five stars for different reasons. Some because of the excellent writing, some because of the unique world that the author has created. Some didn’t start out with five stars but the author contacted me and we conversed. The author was very responsive to implementing changes and was receptive to suggestions to improve the book. Other stories warmed my heart and in others I very much enjoyed the characters. Each of these books I would read again. I hope you find at least one book from my list that connects with you in the way that all of these have connected in some way with me.


  • Cop Out – K.C. Burn
  • House Haunting – Merrel, Mary E.
  • Sweet Blood of MIne – John Corwin
  • The Kronos Interference – Edward Miller
  • Undermountain – Eric Edstrom
  • Crux – Julie Reece
  • Amalgam: The Valaran Chronicles: Book 1 – Bryon A. Wells
  • Fire Baptized – Kenya Wright
  • Blue Heaven – Jadette Paige
  • Deadly Obsession – Kristine Cayne
  • A Private Gentleman – Heidi Cullinan
  • Mastering the Ride – JP Barnaby
  • The Winter Courtship Rituals of Furbearing Critters – Amy Lane


Here are a couple free online stories that I really liked:


Sean’s 2012 Favorites

It isn’t easy to choose so I make a couple of categorized list. Nothing is in a particular order 🙂 Enjoy!



SheReadsAlot’s 2012 Favorite List

Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste

This is how a triad should work. Together they were fluid and necessary. Just delicious. All three men played an integral part to their relationship and yes they are complicated but who isn’t?

Mine by Mary Calmes

Trevan and Landry…co-dependent and cray-cray and they oddly work together. Loved this book so. I mean telling your partner you’ll carve your name into him because you love him so much…that’s crazy in love!

Knight by Kristen Ashley

Knight’s a bad ass alpha that might make his money off of others’ lying on their backs but he’s sexy. A man of few words, he knows how to make the ladies’ knees quiver (me and Anya alike)…in anticipation!! Fuck yeah!

Lothaire by Kresley Cole

I’m not going to go into my love affair of Kresley Cole. We’ll be here all day. However, Lothaire is an uber-villain. And I like it. No, love it. He didn’t pussy out when he fell in love, he remained a bad ass. And I’m okay with it. I’d have his back since he’d demolish anyone who’d mess with his woman. I even didn’t get creeped out by his red eyes.

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

SUPERCOCK (Yes I created the term, it’s not from the book and not his nickname) You know why I named Gideon Cross, Supercock? Because he puts his cock to good effing use, that’s why. If I ever got to be in Eva’s shoes for one day…I would not be typing this let me tell ya. We’d be creating positions he’d probably never even heard of.
Never read this yet? You need to ASAP. Lord the scene at his family’s home alone…(his stamina gets 5 stars) That’s my supercock.

From Rags by Suzanne Wright (also a great enemies to lovers)

*smirk* Connor, the hero? Love him. He’d give you a great argument, great sex and great love. He was created for Jaxxon, she for him. And he was a sneaky son of a bitch and I liked him even more for it.

Her Russian Billionaire by Theodora Taylor

This hero was an excellent dirty talker. He’s tell his woman what he’d do, how’d she would react and how it was going to be before even touching her. Plus he’s Russian! And in the mafia…score!

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Pretty popular book and for good f-cking reason. Why? Braden. He’s alpha but a cool one. He understands his woman and doesn’t mind when she farts.

A Rogue by Any Other Name by Sarah Maclean

How could I forget a Sarah Maclean hero? She’s my new go to historical read since Lisa Kleypas is writing other stuff. Bourne…he’s damaged, he’s a gambler, he’s sexy. I’d like a turn with him. 😉

A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare

Historical with a nerdy heroine and a sweet talking bad boy hero? Colin, the hero…Oh dear, he’s dreamy, steamy and makes the pantaloons creamy. He’s a manwhore but falls for the book worm. And still is able to be an excellent linguist of every fashion including the language of love.

After Ben by Con Riley

Theo and Morgan…their talks alone sells this book. The connection they create with not even meeting until 60% of the book…the passion, oh my!! Superb writing and great story.

Ethan Who Loved Carter by Ryan Loveless

What a remarkable story, with a remarkable message. It made a lot of readers clutch their pearls but as long as this story is read by the masses I do not care. This is what romances are written for. Beautiful.

The Party Boy’s Guide to Dating a Geek by Piper Vaughn & Xara Xanakas

The geek gets the party boy and both do not live to their stereotypes. It’s a deeper story yet is still light and sexy. I like this author team.

LOL And these are all published from this year…lol there’s MORE!


Valentina’s 2012 Favorites 

  • GLBT Action-Adventure/Romantic Suspense                   
    • Last Stop by Lou Harper      (June 12th 2012, Samhain Publishing, Ltd.)
    • Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander           (January 31st 2012 Dani Alexander)
    • Point of No Return by N.R. Walker            (August 18th 2012 Silver Publishing)
  • GLBT Romantic Comedy                                          
    • Your Biggest FAN by Missy Welsh              (September 18th 2012    Loose Id LLC)
  •  GLBT Contemporary Romance                               
    • Home Work by Kaje Harper          (October 5th 2012 MLR Press)
    • The Nothingness of Ben by Brad Boney   (November 23rd 2012     Dreamspinner Press)
    • Steamroller by Mary Calmes        (September 5th 2012      Dreamspinner Press)
    • Frog by Mary Calmes       (April 25th 2012 Dreamspinner Press)
  • GLBT Romantic Science Fiction/Futuristic                          
    • Shattered Heart by Nikki McCoy  (September 29th 2012    Silver Publishing)
    • Blind Space by Marie Sexton        (January 7th 2012 Silver Publishing)
  • Debut Book (GLBT)
    • Sock it to Me, Santa! By Madison Parker (November 12th 2012     Smashwords)
    • When One Door Opens   by JD Ruskin       (December 28th 2012     Dreamspinner Press)
  • GLBT BDSM                                    
    • Bound: Forget Me Knot   by H.B. Pattskyn               (September 24th 2012    Dreamspinner Press)
    • Room at the Edge by Jane Davitt;Alexa Snow        (December 18th 2012     Loose Id.)                      
  • GLBT Menage a Trois or more                                
    • Beyond Complicated by Mercy Celeste      (May 5th 2012  Silver Publishing)


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