RJ Scott and Meredith Russell – Under The Sun

under the sun

Author: RJ Scott and Meredith Russell
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Edward McAllister, wedding planner extraordinaire arrives at Sapphire Cay for a wedding. He has four days to go until the big day and his plans are smashed when he spots the stage he was setting is destroyed. Doesn’t matter that the guy pulling down the old gazebo and digging trenches is hot – he is messing with Edward’s OCD and Edward isn’t afraid to let the other man know exactly how he feels.

Jamie Durand is and ex marine and son of the former owners of Sapphire Cay. He is on the island to get his head around his new life after leaving the forces due to injury. When Edward arrives in his space he is bemused at the instant dislike the uptight man is showing towards him.

Not an auspicious start. But just you wait when Edward relaxes and Jamie opens up. Fireworks.


    Jamie’s parents used to own Sapphire Cay so what better place to retreat to after a tour in Afghanistan to heal both mind and body. He hits it off well with the new owners Lucas and Dylan and lends a hand working at the resort to pay off his stay. Sapphire Cay specializes in romantic weddings which is how Dylan and Lucas met in book one. When the over the top wedding planner Edward shows up and practically has an aneurysm, Jamie will either kill him or fall for him.

I loved this opposites attract story. The story read seamlessly and quickly for having two authors. The background for the island was already established in Follow The Sun so I was pulled right into the real story. Jamie and Edward were both terrific and very well thought out characters. Each were fairly intense but with a soft, gentle hidden side that endeared them to me even more. Edward was every awful cliche that the straight world believes a gay man to be but Ms Scott and Ms Russell made him work in this story. I have to admit that I would have liked to shove that diary where the sun doesn’t shine. Jamie was a saint to have found the real man under Edward’s prissy working exterior. It was good to see that the tough marine was just an easy going guy looking to find his future instead of being the typified hardcore marine. Lucas and Dylan were good solid secondary characters that we already knew from their story. The sex was well written and the shower scene was hot. I’m not a huge fan of the epilogue wrap up but somehow it worked for me in this story, maybe because it took place off of the Cay. There was no insta-love yet the story was not a slow burn romance either.  Personally, I think hat the book can be read as a stand alone but the first book in this series was wonderfully crafted as well. The trademark Scott/Russell HEA was there as usual but with a twist. I’m looking forward to my next visit to Sapphire Cay. A highly recommended romance series, try it.






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