RJ Scott – Book Of Secrets (Oracle #2)

Author: RJ Scott
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN13: 9781614958215

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: Alex is making good on his promise to put things right. Along with Griff and Christopher, he is retrieving items he had stolen with Edward, and replacing them where they came from. It’s dangerous work, especially considering he appeared to have lost his most useful Oracle-given powers. When a replacement goes wrong and Alex ‘disappears’ he realises that what used to be inside him has left a mark he can never rid himself of.

Meanwhile Luke is kidnapped to work on a manuscript that could hold the key to the secrets of alchemy and offer the reader a way of living an eternal life. The Voynich manuscript is missing it’s cypher and it is up to Alex to steal it for the ex Serbian art thief who he calls friend. Problem is, it’s held in the private library at Windsor Castle

Review: This was a great sequel to RJ Scott’s paranormal romance book, Oracle.  Alex is carrying out his ambitious plan to retrieve objects that he stole with his former lover Edward and return them to where he had stolen them from.  Alex is right in the middle of replacing an ancient Greek tablet when an old nemesis shows up at the same museum.  Alex has no idea what Dragan wants but he knows that it cannot be good.  Things get a little dicey in the museum when suddenly some of Alex’s Oracle-given powers return allowing Alex to get away after replacing the tablet.  The powers have manifested themselves but aren’t dependable and are not quite the same.  Dragan introduces Luke and Alex to an associate of his who has a little job that he wants Alex to do or Luke, Griff and Chris will be killed.  Alex must break into the Queen’s private library in Windsor Castle and steal one of DaVinci’s folios.  A lot went on in Oracle and there are several subplots in this book so unless the two books are read carefully, much can be missed which will put a damper on the stories.  It was good to see Chris and Griff and Alex and Luke still in solid relationships and working together.  Ms Scott put a lot of research into this story in order to write about the castle’s interior and DaVinci’s works.  Like had to be kept as the scholar he is and that took time to do.  I thought the book read smoothly with all of the plot twists and turns and subplots.  There was an edginess to the story that pulled me into the dilemma with the translations.  Alex’s inability to control his gift added an exciting twist that was missing in Oracle which shows how much Ms Scott’s writing has matured since the first book.  Dragan’s turn around was a surprise that I did not see coming and it played a large role in the second half of the story.  I got the HEA ending with just enough mischief to make this story a highly entertaining read.  I recommend it highly to any paranormal fan.  If you missed Oracle, now is the time to pick up both books and lose yourself for a weekend.


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