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Moments that changed my life – A blind date

The idea of one event changing a person’s life is not a new one. Most films, books, in fact all stories, have some kind of moment where the path of a life changes. This could be a big event, like a loss (or a gain!) or it could be something small, like taking a different bus home! I was watching something on the TV, I don’t even know what but I am sure it was one of those *disaster* shows, like one about plane crashes. What I do recall is turning to hubby and saying I wanted to write a book about what happened after an event, how it impacted the lives of people who were involved, or who observed. Not just one person in the middle of it, but more than one story.

Then I had the inspiration of asking other authors to write a story in the same vein, all based around characters impacted by a plane crash in Ireland and Flight HA1710 was born.

So, it got me thinking about the events that have shaped my life, and in the Retrograde blog tour I will talk about some of them. Don’t forget there is a competition as well to win a $15 giftcard and free books. Tell us about an event, big or small, after the post!

A few days ago hubby and I had the twenty-sixth anniversary of the day we first met. Well, met in a physical way. Maybe I should rephrase that, met in a person to person kind of way. See we’d been talking over the phone for some time. We worked for the same company in different buildings and we didn’t have the internet (or cell phones, or FB – you get the point!). I would phone and flirt to get what I wanted from him (files I needed for my work) and he would phone me with his deep sexy voice and flirt back. I can honestly say I think I fell in love with his voice and his personality before we even met. Moving to this company had been a split second decision. I worked in a bank, and let’s face it I was way too creative to work in a bank, so I decided a move into Life Assurance was a good thing (yep, I didn’t last long there either). That split second decision was because I would be earning £2000 more a year at the new job. Little did I know it was where I would meet hubby.

One blind date later (a drink, watching Mississippi Burning at The Point in MK and a box of chocolates) I was even  more enamoured. And that was the end of that. Engaged a few months later, married after a couple years… and nothing has been the same since!

How did you meet your significant other?

Retrograde FinalFlight HA1710

Book #1 Retrograde


Co-Pilot Lachlan Donaghue wakes up in hospital, a survivor of the crash of Flight HA1710, with memory loss and the suspicion that he could be at fault for the tragic accident. When everything becomes too much he goes home to hide, back to the small Scottish town he grew up in and to his family home.

Rory Kendrick watches the news, sees every hour of the disaster unfold but never thinks that Lachlan was in the middle of it all. Or that his friend will be forced to come back home to hide and to heal. What Lachlan needs is a friend, not a lover, but sometimes the lines are just too blurred to make any sense.

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RJ Scott has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies. She was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader herself, she can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, her first real true love will always be the world of romance where she takes cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and writes dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men.

With over seventy titles to her name and counting, she is the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway. She is also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.






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  1. for me it was being able to graduate from college and start my own buisness despite learning difficulties

  2. For me, it was the abuse I endured as a child.

  3. For becoming that strong person by meeting my husband

  4. Moving back to California.

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