RJ Scott – The Carpenter and the Actor


Author: RJ Scott
Reviewed by
: Don
: Total -E- Bound
: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Jason McInnery, hounded by the paparazzi after his brother’s death, runs to the one place where he hopes people will not sell him out. The place where he was born.

Hiding in the tourist cabins at Ellery Mountain Resort out of season he thinks he finally has room to breathe.

If only Kieran Dexter, a man ten years his junior, would stop fixing stuff and generally causing ripples in Jason’s calm space.


Jason is a man struggling with his own demons and guilt over his brother’s death. Hounded by the tabloids and on hiatus from his successful television show, Jason finds himself in Ellery. He immediately falls in lust with Kieran, the last single guy in the Friday night beer group. The two guys go out for lunch and hit it off. Kieran is fairly insecure because he’s short and fairly shy so runs off at the mouth before he thinks. Kieran doesn’t run Jason off though.

This is the third installment in the Ellery Mountain series and while the book is well written, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the previous books. I think that the problem that I had with the story was that Jason had to fly back to Los Angeles and Kieran could not leave Ellery. I personally believe that long distance relationships work so for me the story ended as a HFN. I liked both Jason and Kieran a lot and they felt very real to me with their insecurities and problems. I especially enjoy how Ms Scott keeps the characters from the previous stories active in all of the books so that there is a smooth flow and continuity. The characters are well developed and the sex was hot. I recommend this book and maybe I am wrong about the HFN ending and other readers will find it a HEA.


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