RJ Scott – The Only Easy Day

Author: RJ Scott
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781614954125

Rating: ★★★★★ 

This book picked up pretty much where Guarding Morgan left off.  We meet the murdered girl’s step-brother, Joseph Kinnon, an active navy SEAL.  He is just back from a mission and learns that Elizabeth is dead.  Joseph begins his own investigation into Elizabeth’s murder with the help of his SEAL team.  Dale MacIntyre is an ex SEAL now working for Sanctuary in trying to get enough evidence to bring the Bullen’s down.  Dale has been secretly meeting with Robert Bullen who was Elizabeth’s boyfriend and wants his family put away for killing Elizabeth.  Joseph and Dale’s investigations dovetail and finally meet head on which causes sparks to fly between the two determined men.  Lust gets in the way of their anger and Dale and Joseph take the things to a higher level while combining their skills in the investigation.  This well written story is packed with action and some sweaty sex.  Ms Scott created two terrific characters and excellent chemistry in Joseph and Dale.  Nik and Morgan are back in this book as supporting characters.  I enjoyed the scene in the Bullen mansion and the way things were left hanging there for the next installment in the Sanctuary series.  I recommend this fast paced series to anyone looking for some adventure with a HEA ending.



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