Savannah Hartley – Deadly Secrets (Dark Kings of Eternity, Book 1)

Author: Savannah Hartley
Reviewed by: Maya
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:   9781920501723

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: Jamie Dexson is like any twenty year old boy, with the sole exception that he has been living for the past four years as a girl. Fleeing from a dangerous situation, Jamie and his mother have been on the run, but when his disguise begins to be more trouble then it’s worth, can Jamie find the strength to escape from the arms of the predator seeking to make him his? From a life of deciding what high heels to wear with which outfit, Jamie falls into a world of dragons, vampires, werewolves and shape-shifters… And he’s one of them, but which one?
CONTENT ADVISORIES: This title contains scenes of rape or near rape and a “to be continued” ending

Review: Let me start off by saying that I haven’t enjoyed a book as much I did this one all year long and considering how much I read, that is a true compliment. I feel like a gushing fan girl trying to figure out what I want to say in my review. Can I just start out with ‘I fucking loved this book’? Well, I am going to. I fucking loved this book. It combines UF, paranormal, magic and alternate dimensions and turns it into one of the most complex and perfectly woven stories that I have ever read. There is no information dump here, the details are slowly introduced and you get a real feel for the characters.  The people are often not what they first appear to be and their motivations for their actions are often very different from what we are first led to believe.

Our introduction to the main character Jamie is his first entry to a journal he is starting. Jamie lives with his mom and her lover Catherine and has been impersonating a girl for four years. He grudging submits to the waxing, the hair dying, the make up and the skirts and heels, not because he is transgendered, but because his mother says that it is the only way to keep him safe. They have been on the run from Jamie’s father, a high powered vampire who wants his bastard son dead, for ten years. The two years that they have been in their current city has been the longest period of time in any one area. Jamie is enrolled in his second year of college and is finally making a couple of friends, most notably Tiffany and Asa. Tiffany latched on to him like a parasite from their first meeting and Asa’s friendship happened by accident. As Jamie and Asa get closer, their secrets are slowly revealed and their lives are changed forever. Much to his dismay, Jamie has also grabbed the attention of Aiden, the most handsome and popular guy in school. He happens to be the only person that Jamie has ever felt sexually attracted to and that makes Jamie run the other way. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far he runs, Aiden is following and he won’t giving up. One of the few problems that I have with this book is that most of the students seem more like high school kids than young adults. It pulled me from the story a bit but it wasn’t too difficult to overlook.

Content advisories.  There is a brief mention of previous sexual abuse and one rape attempt. The attempt was over almost before it begun and did not cause me any discomfort. Other than that, there is no sex at all in this book other than a couple of kisses and, shockingly, I did not care. I started this book knowing that it had a ‘to be continued’ ending and I am still happy that I read it. I am now stalking Ms. Hartley’s blog hoping that the sequel, Deadly Skies, will be finished soon.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys any type of paranormal, great writing and a snarky main character. I wish that I could give more than 5 Hearts.


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