Sean Michael – Attitude on Wheels

Author: Sean Michael
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M
ISBN 13:   9781610403924

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary:  Carson arrives at the Velvet Glove in a wheelchair, full of anger and snarls, ready to take out his frustration on everyone around him. Harrison, the physiotherapist assigned to help him, is maddeningly Zen, even in the face of Carson’s worst tantrums. Carson takes to calling Harrison Pollyanna, but even that doesn’t seem to faze the man. Harrison maintains that Carson just needs to turn all that passion toward getting better.

Something more than just healing is starting, though. Can Carson and Harrison see past their roles as therapist and patient and find what they need in each other?

Review: You do need to suspend belief a bit to enjoy this story.  Harrison is an amazing physiotherapist, calm and patient; understanding the lashing out may be directed at him but it isn’t because of him.  He is ruthless in his belief that Carson will get better.  Carson was injured going back into a burning building to save a sub who was fastened to a wall, which raises him even more in Harrison’s eyes.  Harrison is a great character, selfless, hopeful and motivating.

There were some missing pieces for me.  Harrison was very worried throughout what would happen when Carson was well enough to get back in the game and begin having subs again.  This does happen towards the end, but it is never addressed between them.  Harrison was making sacrifices for Carson (giving up a 24/7 client), was Carson doing the same?  Harrison is a virgin, basically married to his job.  That wouldn’t make ashamed of his body, as when Carson thinks “He had to admit, for a virgin, Harrison wasn’t ashamed of his body, wasn’t self-conscious”.

Harrison calls Carson “beauty” from the beginning, which was okay except it was used to saturation.  Carson’s use of Pollyanna for Harrison was better.  It was also repeatedly called to attention that Carson had been a “big bad top”.  That kept throwing me back to the idea of “what is Carson going to do when he goes back to topping subs?”

Carson did endear himself a few times for me.  When he realizes that Harrison sees the chair, but doesn’t care about it, that was lovely.  Even better, when “the big bad top” admits that he had never been a bottom before but wants to for Harrison.  I wish they had gone there, because it would have made it seem the bond was real, not just Carson and the guy who made him better.


All in all, this is a lovely, sweet story of hope, not giving up no matter what.  


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