September – Anne Brooke Interview and Giveaway

Questions straight from the Heart – we are burning to know!  An interview with the fabulous Anne Brooke, conducted by Kevin…

1) What is your favorite quote, by whom, and why?   My favourite quote is “Nil Desperandum” (Never Despair) by the Roman poet Horace. Yes, weird, I know, but it really says it all! I also like “Everything passes” which is really encouraging if I’m going through difficult times. I don’t know who thought it up first, but it has been said most recently by Bob Dylan so that can’t be bad …

2) Are you an animal lover?   Not particularly, I must admit, though I have kept cats in the past. I suppose it’s the legacy of being brought up amongst the farming community. If an animal dies, I just think “Oh well, best get a new one.” So I’m not the most sentimental of gals then … I also don’t really like dogs as I don’t see the point of them and don’t understand why people get so attached to them. Though I know I’m probably stirring up a hornet’s nest (or will have a hornet’s nest sent to me – ouch!) for saying so. Especially as English people are supposed to be obsessed with their dogs.

Still, with all that, I do have a really soft spot for floppy-eared rabbits, though I don’t have one. Not even I can resist them!

3) What inspired you to write your first book?   I’ve always made up stories in my head and eventually gained enough confidence to start writing one down, in my late twenties. I soon got the fiction-writing bug and haven’t looked back since. I find writing is a way of working things out in my own head, having fun and creating worlds of my own, so I love it.

4) Why did you choose to write The Delaneys Series?

I find ménage relationships fascinating and I also wanted to write a series that was funny as well as being erotic. Finding that balance with the Delaneys series meant having a very hot and rather dangerous pair of twins and one quirky Irish lad. I’m thoroughly enjoying writing about them all too.

5) What was the hardest part about writing this book?

I don’t often write series books so the hardest part has been keeping the plot fresh and slowly developing the characters. So far, with the five books I’ve written, the main theme has been seeing how the relationship between the Delaney twins and Liam grows from their first sexual encounter, through their dating experiences and eventually to starting to live together. I have to keep on top of it all so I don’t repeat things or say something that doesn’t sit with what I’ve said before! Mind you, Liam keeps me on my toes so I think we’re fairly safe.

6) Can you tell us about your main character?   Liam’s very quirky and funny, sometimes unintentionally so. He loves his two hot twins and has the balls to take them on and keep them too as they’re not the easiest of brothers. Well, they are gangsters, after all. He works at a local gallery and really loves art and making the gallery a success. He’s had some artistic leanings in the past, but he’s reluctant to take them up again as he doesn’t want to make a mess of things. If something seems wrong or strange, he’s the first to question it so often ends up having his foot very firmly in his mouth, poor lad. However, so far, his wit and honesty have kept him on the right side of yet another punishment from the Delaneys. Though as Liam is really starting to enjoy those, they’re probably not working any more …

7) Can we expect any more books from you in the future?   Yes, I’m planning to write the sixth and final book in the Delaneys series later this year. It’s going to be called The Delaneys, My Parents and Me and will – I hope – bring the whole relationship to an explosive and satisfying encounter!

8) How can we purchase your book?   You can buy the Delaneys books direct from the publisher, Amber Allure, here: (scroll down to see the series). They are also available at Amazon, and you can find out more information at my gay and lesbian website The complete series titles are:

The Delaneys and Me (1) Entertaining The Delaneys (2) The Art of The Delaneys (3) Dating The Delaneys (4) The Delaneys At Home (5)

9) What are your current writing projects now?   I’m currently working on a gay erotic romance set in an office for Amber Allure. It’s got a lot of humour in it and is tentatively called Who Moved My Holepunch? That might well change though. I’m also continuing to work on my gay fantasy novella, The Taming of The Hawk, which is getting there – but very, very slowly. And, of course, I’m beginning to think about that final Delaneys book …

10) If you could leave your readers with one bit of wisdom, what would you want it to be?

I’m not sure I have any wisdom to impart (I really wish I did) but I would definitely ALWAYS encourage everyone to follow their dreams as best they know how. And happy reading also! Short bio, please!

Anne Brooke’s fiction has been shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Novel Award, the Royal Literary Fund Awards and the Asham Award for Women Writers. She is the author of six published novels, including her fantasy series, The Gathandrian Trilogy, published by Bluewood Publishing and featuring gay scribe Simon Hartstongue. More information on the trilogy is available at: and the first of these novels is The Gifting. In addition, her gay and literary short stories are regularly published by Riptide Publishing, Amber Allure Press and Untreed Reads. All her gay fiction, including details about the Delaneys Series, can be found at: Anne has a secret passion for theatre and chocolate, preferably at the same time, and is currently working on a gay fantasy novella, The Taming of the Hawk. More information can be found at and she regularly blogs at:


Leave a comment or a question for Anne before 9/23 for a random chance to win a copy of your choice of one of her books! Congratulations GiGi!!


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  1. Lovely to be here – thanks for showcasing the interview! :))


  2. Hi Anne!
    Lovely to read this interview, but it was also great to meet you in person this weekend!

  3. Thank you, Zahra! Fabulous to meet you too – didn’t we have fun! :))


  4. Great interview!

  5. Eek, not a dog lover?!? I suppose I can forgive you since you write such wonderful books! 🙂

  6. Thank you, Sandra! And apologies for the lack of dog-love … Mind you, that means you can have extra dogs as someone needs to have my share, tee hee! :))


  7. Oh no more delaneys? They make me laugh. Big bad boys!

  8. They’re certainly that, Sylvia! Everyone loves a bad boy :))


  9. Ooh, I like that quote…
    ehe… ^^;; I am one of those that is obsessed with their dogs… D: but I can’t help it! She’s so cute! lol… oh, and yes! Rabbits are just irresistible! lol

    *gasp* no way!! ahh!! I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THIS!! I just LOVE The Delaney series! eek! so thrilled! lol.. and of course REALLY looking forward to your future projects! They all sound very promising. 😀


  10. Thanks, Judi! Rabbits are absolutely too cute … 🙂


  11. Do you think you’ll ever revisit the delany series

  12. I’ve got one more to write, Jessie, before the series is over – No 6 will be The Delaneys, My Parents and Me – and hope to start writing it later this year, so will be out probably next spring. Then that will be done! 🙂


  13. “Never Despair” are words to live by. (by which to live??) Anyway, I love erotic humor, and humorous erotica!

    My dog serves no useful purpose and is a drain on my resources, lol! But, like long eared rabbits, she is pretty to look on. (pretty on which to look??)

  14. A pretty dog is definitely the best sort of dog, Urb! 🙂


  15. The draw has now been made (many thanks to my husband for doing it!) and No 2 is the winner – so congrats to Gigi and I’ll be in touch with you about your prize very shortly!

    Many thanks to all for taking part also, and to Hearts on Fire for running the interview and giveaway.

    Anne B

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