Shannon West – Gabe’s Alpha

Author: Shannon West
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher: Secret Cravings
Genre: M/M Parnormal
ISBN 13: 9781618853974 
[xrr rating=3.5/5]

Summary:  Gabe is a typical young college student until the night he and his mother are attacked by a beast who kills his mother and leaves Gabe for dead. When Gabe discovers the beast who bit him was a werewolf, and shifts into a beast like creature at the full moon, he leaves his home and descends into a nightmare of drugs, alcohol and one night stands. As he’s camping in the woods, preparing for the painful shift to come, he meets a the gorgeous alpha of the Dark Hollow Wolf Pack who tells Gabe he’s trespassing on his territory. Before Gabe knows it, he’s been trussed up, thrown over the man’s shoulder and taken as the mate of the alpha. Gabe embraces his new role as mate to the handsome Zack, but if the alpha thinks the wild young man will settle down, he’s got another think coming 

Review:  I have read this whole series to date and probably like this one the best. That being said, I felt like there is something missing. I believe the story falls short of it potential.

The characters are loveable and likeable and I do given kudos to Ms West for reintroducing her characters from the other books time and again into her new stories. I find so often in a series you get to meet the characters, get to know them and then once their book is over you never hear about them again throughout the rest of the series. Hand downs my favorite in these books are Nicky, Casey and Logan as the little mates to the big bad alphas.

I found Gabe’s insecurity over the loss of his mother and the attack to be very well written. Zack made the perfect Alpha with his loving and dominating way, but did not take it to the point of cruelty, something I felt occurred in the other three books. The love making in those was  painful and more like a punishment than pleasure in my opinion.

While I feel this author has some flaws in her writing and could use a good editor of her work, I will still look forward to reading her future work in this series.




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