Shannon West – Getting’ Picked

getting picked

Author: Shannon West
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Secret Cravings
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:
[xrr rating=3/5] 

Summary:  Ben and Cole have long been best friends, but when they get to college, they grow apart. Part of the reason is that Cole is gay, and straight boy Ben can’t face up to his own complicated feelings about Cole. They lose touch when Cole joins the Marines, and it’s not until a year later, at a party, that Ben learns Cole is about to go overseas. He panics, suddenly feeling he may never see him again, and drinks way too much. Cole volunteers to take him home and they make love, as Ben finally admits to himself and Cole how much he loves him in a very non-platonic way. But over the next few months while Cole is in Afghanistan, Ben’s fears overwhelm him again. When Cole is wounded, it’s time for Ben to face his true feelings once and for all, or he may lose Cole forever. 

Review: If I had to separate my rating I’d give Ben a 2 and Cole a 4 as characters.  Ben’s knows that Cole loves him in more than a best friend way and gives him such mixed messages that it just messes with Cole’s head.  They share kisses and a little more and each time Ben then pushes Cole away.  Even worse, he pretends it didn’t happen, even knowing that it hurt Cole.  I understand being confused but then my god, just leave him alone. 

The plot of the story is clear but the way it is written is a little confusing, with back and forth flashbacks (although I did like the six year old Cole choosing Ben). There are a few editing issues, though nothing major. 

So Ben is wishy washy and then the ending came, which I didn’t like as much as it seemed out of character for Cole.  The story is very short, so maybe something was missing, but it didn’t seem like this was the way Cole would handle it. That took away from him a bit. A not-bad friends to lovers story.

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