Surrogates by K.D. Grace

Author: K.D. Grace
Reviewed by : Aggie
Publisher: Mischief
Genre:  MF Menage

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Let the sex games begin! In this raunchy and rambunctious contemporary tale, wealthy Englishman, Daniel Alexander finds his sex life with his beautiful wife, Isabel (Bel), boring and lacking in meaning. He wants to ask her for a divorce but keeps putting it off because he thinks she is going through a bad time and he thinks he needs to be there to support her. Yet he is unfulfilled. So he engages the hired help, vegetable gardener, naive Francie,  into mutual,  voyeuristic wank sessions to make himself feel better and less guilty. Because in his mind, if he and Francie aren’t touching, he isn’t cheating.

Of course this is going to come back and bite him in the arse later.

Meanwhile, Francie meets nice guy, landscaper, Simon Paris, who turns out to be an old college buddy of Dan’s. Things get heated and before long, Dan has a plan to justify his ongoing sessions with Francie when he offers Simon an “indecent proposal”.  He wants Simon to be his surrogate and make it with Francie, while he, Dan, watches and wanks off. That way, he isn’t cheating but he is still gettin his jollies. Dan is the “King of Wank” in this reviewer’s humble opinion. And when other readers and reviewers read Surrogates they will know what I mean and probably agree. Plus, this reviewer likes saying the word “wank”. It’s just so cute.

Meanwhile (again!) Bel finds her own surrogate in her beautiful, lustful massage therapist, Ellen. And Bel justifies in her mind that this isn’t cheating because Ellen is a woman. It doesn’t count, right? Well, this too will come back to nibble on  her arse. (“Arse” is another great word the British have.)

Nothing is given away here. There are plenty of hot hot sex scenes and a case of mistaken identity and misunderstandings.  Feelings develop and the reader is left wondering how this all will play out.  It is a fun and quick read. Although I must say, I didn’t care for the King of Wank, Dan. I found him selfish and manipulative. He rubbed me the wrong way (pun intended) And there is a kinky scene which had me cringing and squirming. But that is my issue not the author’s because many readers will like it. It just wasn’t my favorite scene.

Overall, very well written. The characters come alive on the pages and they feel real. I recommend it to anyone who likes short, erotic tales and who aren’t put off by some f/f action and threesomes.

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