Susan MacNicol – Saving Alexander

saving alexander

Author: Susan Mac Nicol
Reviewed by: Susan65
Publisher: Boroughs
Genre: M/M BDSM
ISBN 13: n/a

Rating: ★★★★★ 



Punishing himself for a horrific past that is not his fault, bestselling author Alexander Montgomery seeks redemption and love—and perhaps he will find it.
Famous author though he may be, Alexander Montgomery is not someone you take home to meet Mother. Seriously flawed, damaged by a horrific past, he’s trying hard to claw his way back to normality. But how can anyone respect what he truly is? His therapy involves regular sessions at Study in Scarlet, an exclusive S&M club.
Then comes Sage. Tall, with black hair and blue eyes, an up-and-coming actor with impossible charm and boy-next-door good looks, he’s the perfect choice to play the leading man in a TV adaptation of Alex’s last best-seller. Even more, he is a man you introduce to your family. Which Alex would do—if he weren’t taken by another man who offers the punishments Alex prays will wipe away the past and make him the person he wants to be. Yet, perhaps there is another path to redemption. If only the solution would reach out and touch him.

Review:  A senseless tragedy and a beautiful love story.

Alex has a horrific past that nearly destroyed him, and is the reason he is purposely ruining any chance for a normal life and relationship. The abuse he suffered and those who hurt him are long gone, but they left a lasting impression that he can’t seem to get passed. Now he voluntarily seeks “therapy” in an S & M club…where the rules he provides are non-negotiable, and he is left bruised and bloody. He needs the pain to take away his pain.

Sage is an up and coming actor who is loved by everyone. He had a great childhood and adoring parents. Sadly he lost them when he was 19 years old, but his memories of them are fond and have shaped him into the kind and loving man that he is today. His life is near opposite of Alex.

Alex is a famous writer and he specifically chose Sage as the lead in the TV series based on his novel. The attraction is immediate, but Alex, no matter how much he wishes to be different, does not believe he is relationship material, and turns Sage away.

Sage tries everything to garner his attention, but Alex spurns him at every corner. Almost to the point of being nasty. But then Alex will turn around and show his attraction to Sage, thus driving Sage crazy with all the mixed signals.

His attraction to Sage is causing havoc with Alex. He turns to Eric, his S & M “therapist”, for added, extra harsh sessions. This is the catalyst for Sage and Alex getting together. Sage notices the cuts and bruising on Alex’s back (while he was asleep at his desk and his shirt rose up)and confronts him. Demanding to know who hurt him so. Alex, in a rare moment of honesty, tells him the brutal truth…he does it to himself because he was….(nope, can’t tell you why, you gotta read it). Needless to say, Sage is floored.

Alex believes that no man will accept his form of therapy and still want a relationship with him, so he is unprepared when Sage chooses him anyway. I told you Sage was great, didn’t I? Sage is an absolute saint…most of the time. He may not like Alex’s S & M sessions with Eric, but he understands that Alex is trying to get better and needs to take it one step at a time.

Sadly, Eric has an agenda of his own. He is not ready for Alex to get better. He is not ready for the sessions to end and hurts Alex and Sage in a way that could destroy their fragile relationship. Needless to say, it gets pretty bad, and you feel awful for both of them. Eric is a creep.

In addition to the love brewing between Sage and Alex, there is also a mystery. Someone is trying to hurt the cast and their family members. The mystery could be connected to Alex’s past…and it is…and in a way that I didn’t guess, but I should have. 🙂

The conclusion of this sad, but loving story was so beautiful. Seeing Alex living a normal life, and in a loving relationship with Sage, made all the horrible things Alex suffered go away. Alex is a fighter and with Sage by his side he wins the biggest fight of his life.




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  1. Thanks for hosting me on your lovely site and giving welcome page space to Sage and Alex. The lads really enjoyed being here too 🙂 I’m really pleased you enjoyed the book and gave it a whole 5 lovely hearts! Thank you!!

  2. What a wonderful review. Thanks for sharing, Hearts on Fire!

  3. Thanks for sharing your review! It’s very interesting to see what others think about books!

  4. Thanks Samantha! Great that you stopped by 🙂

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