ARC Review: Alexa Milne – Not Every Time

not everyAuthor: Alexa Milne
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: Raziel Slade and Jack Hastings have been best friends since Raz saved Jack’s life twelve years ago. Jack has spent years searching for the perfect woman with the help of his wingman, Raz, the man he thinks of as his guardian angel. At a company Christmas party, the world Jack thought he knew turns on its axis, and feelings he didn’t know he had punch him … Continue reading

ARC Review: Andi Van – A Certain Kind of Holiday

certainAuthor: Andi Van
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Holiday

Summary: When Elliot Knapp took a business trip over the holidays last year, he didn’t expect to run into the professor his first serious boyfriend ambien cheated on him with. The man was handsome, certainly, but Elliot has better things to do than deal with drama from a decade ago.

Luckily for him, Howard Wise wasn’t going to let him get away without an explanation. … Continue reading

Audio Review: Charlie Cochet – Against the Grain

1851586Author: Charlie Cochet
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre:M/M Cops
ISBN: 9781634763752

Sequel to Rise & Fall
THIRDS: Book Five

As the fiercest Defense Agent at the THIRDS, Destructive Delta’s Ash Keeler is foul-mouthed and foul-tempered. But his hard-lined approach always yields results, evident by his recent infiltration of the Coalition. Thanks to Ash’s skills and the help of his team, they finally put an end to the murdering extremist group for good, though not before … Continue reading

Audio Review: Jay Northcote – Cold Feet

23620295Author: Jay Northcote
Reviewer:  Sandra
Publisher:  Dreamspinner
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Best friends snowed in together. When the heat rises, will they get cold feet?

Getting snowed in at a remote cottage in Wales with someone he’d fancied for ages isn’t exactly how Sam expected to spend Christmas. His feelings for Ryan are pointless. Ryan’s straight—or so he thought.

Until now, Ryan’s kept his feelings for Sam buried. Why ruin a friendship … Continue reading

Review: Nico Jaye – Unscripted

Author: Nico Jaye
Reviewer: Lucy
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: To his surprise, Teddy finds himself co-owner of the Oasis Theater with Carter Monroe, a corporate shark who’s looking at him like he’s chum in the water. Being in charge of the theater is one thing, but having to deal with Carter and his demands is another. With Carter’s proposed plan to sell the Oasis looming, Teddy must convince Carter the theater is worth … Continue reading

Review: R.j. Scott – For A Rainy Afternoon

1764777Author: R.j. Scott
Publisher:DreamSpinner Press
Genre:M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781632168603

A Tale of the Curious Cookbook

Robbie MacIntyre manages a small post office in the old Station House on the outskirts of sleepy Barton Hartshourn northwest of London. He’s stunned when the owner, Maggie, a close friend, bequeaths him not only the post office, but also Station House.

The rest of her estate is left to an American writer, Jason Young, and when he moves to the … Continue reading

Audio Review: Cardeno C – Until Forever Comes

Author: Cardeno C
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: The Romance Authors, LLC
Genre: M/M Paranormal

A sensitive wolf shifter and a vicious vampire challenge history, greed, and the very fabric of their beings in order to stay together until forever comes.

Plagued by pain and weakness all his life, Ethan Abbatt is a wolf shifter who can’t shift. Hoping to find an honorable death by joining his pack mates in a vampire attack, Ethan instead learns … Continue reading

Review: James Halat – The Story of Teddy and Eddie

26828605Author: James Halat
Reviewer: Stephen
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: m/m coming out

How does a 12 year old obtain a pint of whiskey?
He makes friends with the junior high school alcoholic.”

Nino is an atypical child growing up in a conventional New Jersey suburb in the 1960s. By the age of 12 he carries a bottle of whisky in his backpack and spends his days studying boys from a distance. His only rule: Look but don’t touch. Then, in a way peculiar … Continue reading

Review: J.H. Knight – Another Shot

another shot
Author: J.H. Knight
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary: The town of Heartsville means something different to everyone who lives there. For Aaron Forester, it’s a gay-friendly buffer between himself and the rest of the world. After being outed in high school and bullied to the point of violence, his family uprooted their lives and relocated to the small hamlet. He’s moved on from all that and now owns a popular café … Continue reading

Review: JD Walker – Can’t Buy His Love

cant buyAuthor: JD Walker
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: MM Contemporary

Summary:Wheeler Ridley is used to having men fall into his lap at a snap of his fingers. He’s gorgeous, well-to-do, and absolutely clueless about commitment and what it takes to have a serious relationship. Which makes the fact that he wants that exact thing with his relationship-phobic crush, Gregory Wang, almost unheard of. And yet…
Gregory runs the daycare center across the street from Wheeler’s … Continue reading