Review: Logan Meredith – Healed Hearts

1866536Author: Logan Meredith
Reviewer: Barb
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781634763080

Healed Hearts by Logan Meredith – Romance>Contemporary
Even men afraid of donuts deserve a happy ending.

Second-grade teacher Seth Ray has experienced more than his fair share of heartbreak. On his own since his mother’s death, Seth remains burdened by frequent anxiety, which he manages by steadfastly avoiding anything that might set it off—including men whose names start with the letter J and … Continue reading

Review: Amelia Bishop – Uncharted Hearts

25953502Author: Amelia Bishop
Reviewer: Vivian
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: MMM menage
ISBN: 9781514674932

Clayton Taylor is smart and skilled, and born into privilege. His expertise with navigation lands him a job on The Irish Lady, a ship which promises a world of new experiences. Half in love with Peter, The Lady’s roguish captain, Clayton signs on for adventure and a chance to test his skill against the sea. Once aboard he meets Jorge, a pillar of quiet strength. Clayton’s life among the sailors and thieves … Continue reading

Review Liberty Lace – The Hush Hush Crush


Author: Liberty Lace
Publisher: Wilde City
Genre:M/M Twin Romance

Scott Tate has a problem. When his twin brother Sawyer calls and asks to crash at Scott’s place for a few days, Scott has no idea that the feelings he has for his brother would surface so quickly. But a forbidden desire this strong cannot be controlled.

Now, after spending most of his life pushing Sawyer away for fear of showing his true feelings, Scott is faced with the toughest decision of his … Continue reading

Review Anne Butler – Heart Scarab

heartAuthor: Anne Butler
Reviewer: Vivian
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre:M/M Sci Fi
ISBN: 9781925313253

In Heart Scarab, set more than a year and a half after Gyrfalcon, Shield Captain Bennet’s company is on a planet in imminent danger of being overrun by the Maess. Telnos is an unpleasant little planet, inhabited by religious fanatics in the festering marshlands and unregistered miners running illegal solactinium mines up in the hills. But the Maess want Telnos, and Bennet’s job … Continue reading

Audio Review: S.J.D Peterson – Splintered (Splintered #1)

splinteredAuthor: S.J.D Peterson
Publisher:DreamSpinner Press
Genre:M/M Mystery
ISBN: 9781632164537

A string of murders targeting effeminate gay men has the GLBTQ community of Chicago on alert, but budget cuts have left many precincts understaffed and overworked. Not to mention, homophobia is alive and well within the law enforcement community and little has been done to solve the mystery. When the FBI calls in Special Agent Todd Hutchinson and his team, the locals are glad to hand the … Continue reading

Review: Liberty Lace – All-American Triplets

25691131Author: Liberty Lace
Publisher: Wilde City Press
Genre:M/M/M Incest

When romance writer Grace Winslow discovers that the all-American triplets in the Hamptons beach house next door have a new definition of ‘brotherly love’, she musters up the courage to knock on their door and discover more. Why? Because hunky defense attorney Xavier Baxter, all-star quarterback Alex Baxter, and military chopper pilot Max Baxter are the quintessential, all-American triplets with one big secret—they’re not just brothers… they’re lovers!

This short taboo romance will take … Continue reading

Review: Miss Merikan – Stripped Raw (Sex and Mayhem #3)

strippedAuthor: Miss Merikan
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd
Genre: M/F Biker

— What’s left when you strip away the lies? —

Sam. Loyal to the Coffin Nails MC. Lives by his own rules.
Weakness: Damsels in distress.
Jolie. In a deeply ambiguous relationship with the Coffin Nails MC. Lives from paycheck to paycheck.
Weakness: Bad boys.

As a patched member of the Coffin Nails MC, Sam is finally living the life he was destined for. A life of Harleys, … Continue reading

Review: K.A. Merikan – Road of No Return (Sex & Mayhem, #1)

roadAuthor: K.A. Merikan
Publisher: Acerbi & Villani ltd.
Genre:m/m BDSM

— Don’t talk to strangers. —

Zak. Tattoo artist. Independent. Doesn’t do relationships.

Stitch. Outlaw biker. Deep in the closet. Doesn’t share his property.

On the day of Stitch’s divorce, lust personified enters the biker bar he’s celebrating at. Tattooed all over, pierced, confident, and hot as hellfire, Zak is the bone Stitch has waited for life to throw him. All Stitch wants is a … Continue reading

Review: Bollocks! Anthology

bollocksAuthor: by Lily Velden, Tabitha McGowan , Elin Gregory , E.S. Skipper, Anyta Sunday , L.J. Harris , Taylin Clavelli , H. Lewis-Foster
Publisher:WayWard Ink Publishing
Genre:M/M anthology
ISBN: 9781783014439

Bollocks as a word is a little naughty. It’s a little cheeky. It’s a little rude.

And it’s the tongue-in-cheek theme for this collection of short stories celebrating all things English.

You’ll discover a bonk is not a typo for somewhere to keep your money.

A … Continue reading

Review: TT Kove – Protection

Author: TT Kove
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: Arctic Circle Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Adrian isn’t looking for a boyfriend. He’s focused on school and social situations make him anxious. When his mother encourages him to make a friend and be more outgoing, he takes a chance at a party. It doesn’t live up to expectations. His classmates ignore him and the alcohol tastes bad. Worse? Oliver finds him moping in the bathroom.
Oliver, the class clown and know-it-all, might grate Adrian’s last nerve, … Continue reading