Max Vos – V-Unit

v unitAuthor: Max Vos
Reviewer: Kevin
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN: n/a

Only a select few in the human world knew of the existence of the V-Unit, a small group of highly trained Marines – who happened to be vampires.
And it would have stayed that way.
But when events in the vampire world, threatened the stability of the human world, the powers that be called for the unit’s specialized services.
An intrepid war correspondent, Bronson Rudan, who’d seen more … Continue reading

Michelle Robbins – Butterball

butterballAuthor: Michelle Robbins
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781611245745

For Travis, it’s business as usual at Wentwood Investments, other than the annoying task of finding a new account manager for his expanding office. Everything changes, however, the moment Jeremy Roberson walks into the room for an interview. The cuddly butterball is everything Travis likes in a partner…except for The Closet locked around the man.

Jeremy’s worn a mask for so long he isn’t sure who he is anymore. Every … Continue reading

Jess Buffett – Cupid’s Time (The Keepers #1)


Author: Jess Buffett 
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: JK Publishing
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13:

Summary:  Cupid’s job is to help find true love for others, but it’s a hard job to do when he’s in love with a man who barely acknowledges his existence. Fighting his own desires, he is ready to give up all emotions just to avoid the pain of not having the respect of the one that holds his heart, let alone craving his love.

The Keepers can find their soul … Continue reading

Marshall Thornton – The Ghost Slept Over


Author: Marshall Thornton
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Self published
Genre: M/M Paranormal, Humor
ISBN 13:   9781494237394

Summary:  When failed actor Cal Parsons travels to rural New York to claim the estate of his famous and estranged ex-partner he discovers something he wasn’t expecting…the ghost of his ex! And, worse, his ex invites Cal to join him for all eternity. Now. As Cal attempts to rid himself of the ghost by any means he begins to fall for the attractive attorney representing the estate. Will Cal be … Continue reading

Lynley Wayne – Rocky’s Road

rockys - Copy

Author: Lynley Wayne
Reviewed by: Victoria
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: MLR1020130142

Summary:  How can you find yourself when you don’t know where to start?

For Rocky, the move from Indiana to Maryland isn’t half as daunting as the prospect of finally taking the time to explore his sexuality. Luckily for him, Rocky has his brother’s best friend for a guide…

Landon had all but given up on finding someone to spend his life with. Hope sparks in his chest … Continue reading