Alex A. Akira – The Italian Connection (Dojo Boys 4)


Author: Alex A. Akira
Reviewed by: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: Triple A Press
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: N/A


This swiftly paced 2 Volume romantic Yaoi love story tells the story of the multi-talented thief/dancer Philippe Michael Ponty. First introduced in Dojo Boys: Dragon & Crow Volume II, the now 22 year old platinum haired, petite Adonis struggles to make a home for himself in America.

Volume I finds Philip settling in Connecticut in disguise as he doesn’t want to draw too much attention to … Continue reading

Alex A. Akira – The Italian Connection 2 (Dojo Boys 5)


Author: Alex A. Akira
Reviewed by:
Triple A Press
M/M Yaoi
ISBN 13: N/A


Volume II of this swiftly paced romantic Yaoi novel finds Tanaka operative Philippe Michael Ponty fleeing his new lover only to run into his old nemesis Jun Watanabe.

Forced to comply with a kidnapping, he finds himself in the hands of the Yakuza, drugged and expected to perform sexual favors as Jun seeks his revenge.

Yoshiro Tanaka and Michael Black(Dojo Boys: Dragon & … Continue reading