TA Chase – Goodbye Town excerpt and giveaway

goodbye townHeartsBlurb

Duke Smith is ready to leave Granter’s Corner, the little backwater town in which he’d lived for twenty-eight years. Since his mother has recently died and his father’s in prison, there’s no need for him to stick around. His only good memories of the place are those moments spent with Evan Harper, his boyhood friend and first love. Evan left when they were eighteen, and while Duke never resented him for … Continue reading

Sean Michael – Finding the Way home excerpt and giveaway

finding the wayHeartsBlurb

When he arrives home from a long stint in the hospital after losing his right arm to an IED blast, Sergeant James Miller certainly doesn’t expect his keys not to work and a strange man answering his door, only to learn his boyfriend has dumped him. Yet that’s exactly what happens, and James is just happy that he can count on his old platoon buddy to have his back, and … Continue reading

Vivien Dean – Anomalies excerpt and giveaway


On the planet of Kathtor, Midnight Creek is special. It houses a geo-spatial anomaly that crosses the distance between opposite sides of the planet with a single step. A hundred years ago, the warring Kimon used the anomaly to invade the peaceful Therlerians, only to be driven away by their advanced technology. Now, a single man guards the point of entry. Warden Arie Vedebel is the best of his kind, a soldier … Continue reading

AJ Llewellyn – Romeo and Julius


Romeo Quiles has accepted a job online in lush and sunny Kauai. Upon his arrival in the Hawaiian Islands, however, he discovers the job is a scam. The company that hired him has emptied his bank accounts, and he must scramble to either return home to Cupertino, California, and certain unemployment, or give paradise a chance.

At first, he’s thrilled when he lands another job, ironically at the same resort hotel used by the scam artists to lure him to Hawaii. But then, Romeo falls for hotter-than-hot Julius, … Continue reading

KC Kendricks – Circle of Steel giveaway


Sequel to the Amber Allure best-seller, Ace, Deuce, Trey

Private investigator Ian Coulter and his FBI partner Rick Mohr work hard and play harder. Making their relationship a priority is a challenge they willingly embrace. Life is better together, and when their cases overlap, it also gets pretty interesting.

An evening stroll turns deadly when a sniper targets Rick. Needing to be with his lover, Ian has to trust Rick’s team with the hunt for the shooter. As Rick heals, tensions between the men escalate and … Continue reading

Unobtainable by Shawn Lane Giveaway


Scott O’Hara and Edgar Lopez have been partners in the homicide unit of Haydon Cliff’s Police Department for the last couple of years. Edgar is openly gay and a bit of a player. Though Scott is also gay, he keeps it to himself. Even from Edgar. Until one night, a slightly drunk Scott initiates sex between them. Scott doesn’t expect the sex to be repeated. He doesn’t do one-night stands or have … Continue reading

A Cop And A Con by Deirdre O’Dare Giveaway

a copHeartsBlurb

When a cop and a newly released convict cross paths, few cons can expect anything but a cold shoulder and mistrust. Struggling back to the home he knows no longer exists, Ike Hernandez meets a cop who seems to be different. He isn’t sure he can believe the kindness he receives will continue. Still, he wants to learn to trust again and regain his lost self-respect. Perry Parker became a law … Continue reading

K-Lee Klein – Always the Perfect Moment


Bryan Monroe took a chance when he told Chrys Delos, his best friend and partner on the police force, that he loved him, but he never thought he’d get so lucky when Chrys returned the feelings. Now, although he and Chrys are over-the-moon happy, Bryan wants to take their relationship to the next level in two big ways. Chrys has healed nicely from the gunshot wound that could have cost him his … Continue reading

JC Raefael – Country Boy Giveaway


Comic book café owner and graphic novelist Johnny Fabian has been having a tough time ever since he caught his wife in bed with his best friend and business partner. Now, getting over a nasty divorce and trying to move on with his life, he almost can’t believe his sudden good fortune when local vet, Nelson O’Keefe—about the only other single guy in the country town of Ojai—invites him on the vacation he won in a radio contest to the sunny, sandy, sexy Caribbean.

Johnny thinks a break … Continue reading

Giveaway: No One’s Perfect by Christiane France

no oneHeartsBlurb

Thanks to an ill-timed joke and a thoughtless action, Terry Miller not only lost his job, but he also lost Liam, the man he loved, the man with whom he expected to spend the rest of his life. Now, a year has passed and Terry knows he should either find it in his heart to forgive Liam for his part in what happened, or forget him and move on. But for … Continue reading