Ana Bosch – Lucky

Author: Ana Bosch
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: DreamSpinner
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13: 9781623802028

Summary: Ever since Martel Heller rolled his first dreadlock, his love life has been blessed. For seven years he’s had the luxury of cherry-picking the hottest men available. But when the dress code at his new job forces him to hack off his lucky locks, his good fortune comes to an end.

To make matters worse, if Martel shows up at the company Christmas party alone, his creepy coworker Phil will … Continue reading

Ana Bosch – Art of Death

Author: Ana Bosch
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Murder Mystery
ISBN 13: 9781613725832

This was a good murder mystery book with a decent plot.  Riley Burke is an illustrator but he’s not picking up much work.  Determined to pay his half of the bills, he takes on a job as a nude model for a nearby art school.  His partner, Nick, is a successful lawyer and tries to dissuade Riley from holding down two jobs but Riley is determined.  Coliaro … Continue reading

Ana Bosch – Dragon Tamer

: Ana Bosch
Reviewed by:
Dreamspinner Press
M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13:

This was a beautifully written bittersweet love story. Drake is a dragon tamer and also the most powerful one in the Tamer Clan. Four powerful clans, the Forgers, the Scholars, the Tamers and the Mages are rivals though they try to coexist. The peacekeeper of the Mage clan sneaks a young boy, Aedan, into Drake’s hut. Aedan is burning with a fever the Mages cannot cure but … Continue reading