Lucy Felthouse – While the Boys Are Away

Author: Lucy Felthouse
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
Genre: F/F Anthology
ISBN 13: 9781781661680

This is a collection of three short stories focusing on F/F couples.   Because each story is so short, there isn’t a lot of time for relationship development, so they are more vignettes, glimpses into their lives.

The first, While the Boys are Away, concentrates on Amelia and Gemma, who are camping with their respective boyfriends.  Said boyfriends are spending time trying to get the barbeque going, so the girls decide to … Continue reading

Leigh Clark – Formal British Reserve

Author: Leigh Clark
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
Genre: M/F F/F Mystery
ISBN 13:  9781781661000

This book was entirely not what I assumed it would be, and should teach me a lesson about prejudging.  I assumed this was going to be a F/F BDSM tale, hardcore and to the point.  The blurb seemed to point in that direction, it being (an extremely funny) description of a paddle whack gone wrong.   Alison delivers a devastating blow to our heroine, Sandrine, while they are demonstrating costumes, … Continue reading