Marshall Thornton -Boystown: Three Nick Nowak Mysteries (audio edition)


Author: Marshall Thornton
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: Torquere Press, audio edition by Audible, Inc
Genre: M/M Mystery
ISBN 13:

Narrator: Brad Langer

Audio Length: five hours and forty -nine minutes


A former police officer turned private investigator, Nick Nowak is haunted by his abrupt departure from the department, as well as the traumatic end of his relationship with librarian Daniel Laverty. In these three stories set in Chicago during the early eighties, Nick locates a missing young man for a mysterious client, solves a … Continue reading

Michael Thomas Ford – Full Circle (audio edition)


Author: Michael Thomas Ford
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: Kensington Books
Genre: M/M Historical
ISBN 13: 978-0758210586

Narrator: Blake Somerset

Audio Length: seventeen hours and twenty-nine minutes

Summary: History professor Ned Brummel is living happily with his partner of 12 years in small-town Maine when he receives a phone call from his estranged friend – Jack – telling him that another friend – Andy – is very ill and possibly near death. As Ned boards a plane to Chicago on his way to his friend’s bedside, he … Continue reading

Anthology – Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction (audio edition)


Author: Trebor Healey, Felice Picano, Brandon M. Long, Mark G. Harris, Andrew Holleran, Greg Heren, Rob Byrnes, Nathan Burgoine, Jeffrey Ricker, Rob Williams, Josh Helman,   et al.  Compiled and edited by R.D. Cochrane and Timothy J. Lambert
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: Cleis Press, audio by Audible, Inc
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: N/A

Narrator: Roman M. Wagar

Audio Length: eight hours, thirty minutes

Summary:In an age of hookups and cybersex, who has time for a little romance? For all those who think love’s gone the way of the … Continue reading

Samantha Ann King – Waiting for Ty (audio edition)


Author: Samantha Ann King
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: : 9781426896033  

Narrator: Robert Black

Audio Length: three hours and forty-three minutes


Tyler Coil doesn’t do men. But it’s harder to remember that each time he visits his best friend, gorgeous Landon Burke. As a political reporter, Ty is good at reading people, and he can tell the lust is mutual. But giving in to it could mean alienating his ultra-conservative family.

Landon never desired a man badly enough … Continue reading

Libby Drew 40 Souls to Keep (audio edition)


15824603 (1)Author: Libby Drew
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: Carina Press, audio edition by Harlequin Enterprises and Audible, Inc.
Genre: M/M
ISBN 13:

Narrator: Charles Carr

Audio Length: nine hours and forty-six minutes

About my ratings: I only rate and review novels that I’ve enjoyed.

Summary:  Seven years ago, Jase awoke with the mystical power to heal people—and no memory of his past. The only clue to his identity is the number forty tattooed on his arm. Driven by a mission he doesn’t understand, Jase follows his visions to … Continue reading

J.B. Sanders – Glen & Tyler’s Honeymoon Adventure (audio edition)


Author: J.B. Sanders
Reviewed by:  Asabat
Publisher:, audio edition by Audible, Inc
M/M Suspense
ISBN 13: N/A

Narrator: Brian Rollins

About my ratings: Not every reader is going to love every book; thus, I only review and rate books that I’ve enjoyed.


Tyler can’t inherit unless he gets married… and when Glen proposes, hijinks ensue. Follow the guys on their world-spanning adventure as they defeat mobsters, an evil step-mother, a rakish brother-in-law and pirates. No, really – pirates! Plus, there’s an underground … Continue reading

Abigail Roux – Armed and Dangerous, Cut and Run Series, Book 5 (audio edition)


Author: Abigail Roux
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Cop
ISBN 13: 9781613725139

Narrator: Sean Crisden

Audio Length: nine hours and thirty-eight minutes


Left alone in Baltimore after his unpredictable lover bails, Special Agent Zane Garrett takes his frustration out on everything in his path until he is ordered to Chicago to back up an undercover operative. When he gets there, though, he finds himself face to face with his wayward partner, Special Agent Ty Grady.

They have to deal with the uncertainty … Continue reading

Bonnie Dee – Jungle Heat (audio edition)


Author: Bonnie Dee
Reviewed by
: Asabat
Publisher: Carina Press, audio edition by Harlequin Enterprises and Audible, Inc.
Genre: M/M Historical

Narrator: Philip Rose

Audio Length: eight hours and fifty-five minutes

About my ratings: Readers and reviewers alike must recognize that not every book is meant for everyone, and book reviews must be objective—not the subjective vitriol too often found on the internet. I only rate books that I’ve enjoyed; I see no reason for writing a lukewarm or negative review of any novel … Continue reading

Hunter Raines – Sight Unseen (audio edition)


Author: Hunter Raines
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:

Narrator: Malachi Mars
Audio Length: six hours, fifty minutes
Publisher: Carina Press, audio edition by Harlequin and Audible, Inc.

A Note on ratings: I only write reviews for novels I’ve enjoyed. I recognize that not every book is for everyone; therefore, I do not see the purpose of writing a review for any novel I’ve read that “wasn’t for me.” Most M/M authors are not well-compensated … Continue reading

Amy Lane – The Locker Room (audio format)


Author: Amy Lane
Reviewed by: Asabat
M/M Sports
ISBN 13:   9781613720127


Narrator: Sean Crisden

Audio Length: seven hours, forty minutes

Note to readers: I’ll not offer numerical scores with my audio reviews, until there’s a single set of scoring criteria developed and used by all book sites/ bloggers. Does anyone know what prompts a reviewer to give a novel a four instead of a five, or any other number? The reviewer’s mood? What he or she had for breakfast? His/her … Continue reading