Giveaway: Megan Derr – The Heart of the Lost Star

Kamir is on the verge of losing everything. Knowing full well he can’t meet the ultimatum his parents have issued, he instead finally puts in motion his plans to live completely independent of them. His plans are interrupted, however, by the unexpected return of his despised ex-husband—and thrown even further into upheaval when he ends up comforting the man he’s secretly loved for years.

Jader may not know where he comes from, but he knows where he belongs and what he wants—until … Continue reading

Angie Barry – Balancing Act excerpt and giveaway


In a world where even the Greek gods have to earn a paycheck, former lovers Adonis and Narcissus make a bet on who will be the first to successfully seduce the newest intern at Olympus Air: Ganymede. But seduction isn’t so simple when old feelings are far from faded and new realizations come to light, leaving the two men confused as to who and what they really want.

HeartsExcerpt Continue reading

Review: CJane Elliott – Sex, Love and Videogames

26041537Author: CJane Elliott
Reviewer: Diane
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN : 9781634764971

Sex, Love, and Videogames (The Serpentine) by CJane Elliott – Romance>Interracial
A Serpentine Series Book

Shy guy Jed Carter has always felt invisible next to his charismatic older brother, Kent. Kent’s master plan for Jed is simple: University of Virginia, fraternity, business, sports, and ladies’ man. None of it is Jed, except for playing on the rugby team, which he joins in … Continue reading

Robin White – Night Spirit: Wings From Limbo giveaway

Raven’s life is a legacy of from bad to worse. Being rescued from Limbo seems like a cause for celebration, but his relief is short-lived. He’s lost five months of time, still needs to rescue his lovers, and has to learn how to handle his new powers. That’s the bad.

Worse is the fact that the Blood Gem makes him a danger to everyone around him, and Limbo left a parting gift inside him. Whatever happens next, Raven hopes it’s better, because he’s not sure anyone will survive what … Continue reading

Review: Sloan Johnson – Wild Pitch

WildPitchAuthor:Sloan Johnson
Reviewer: Victoria
Publisher: SJ Books
Genre: M/M Sports
ISBN: n/a

There’s never been any question in Sean Tucker’s mind that he’d do whatever it took to make it to the major leagues and be one of the best pitchers of his time. The day he acknowledged to himself that he was gay was also the day he vowed to stay in the closet in order to chase his dreams. The problem is, he never counted on Mason Atley.

Sean showed rookie short stop … Continue reading

Laura Harner – Cliff’s Edge Tour and contest


We ask: What do you think of Navy attitudes towards LGBT today? 

Thanks for having me here on tour today, I appreciate invitation.

You’ve asked an interesting question. I was in the Navy for 20 years, and certainly saw changes, but never more than when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was first enacted. It’s funny how that policy turned into a bad thing in it’s final years, because honestly, when President Clinton first signed it, that was a HUGE shift … Continue reading