Rhiannon Frater and Kody Boye – The Midnight Spell


Author: Rhiannon Frater and Kody Boye
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/F Paranormal
ISBN 13:   NA

Summary:  Adam and Christy have been best friends since kindergarten. Always the perpetual outsiders in their small town in Texas, they’ve always had to deal with nasty comments from their classmates. Adam is called “gay” while Christy is called “witch.”

On both counts the bullies are right.

Their junior year in high school seems destined to be the same old same old until Christy decides … Continue reading

Kody Boye – Sunrise: Revised and Expanded

Author: Kody Boye
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Library of the Living Dead Press
Genre: Horror
ISBN 13: 9781468149654

 Summary: It is a story where two men are on the run from the zombies and gangs. Dakota and Steve hide from the gangs and Steve opens gun fire on them. He managed to kill them all but one who was shot by Dakota. Steve handcuffs the wounded gang, Ian. They are driving far away from where they originally were. Zombies are everywhere. Steve can’t stop driving and … Continue reading