Review: Leigh Carman – Fair Catch (Players of LA #2)

51mSUn3X4xLAuthor: Leigh Carman
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary


Two men.

One night of passion.

They never expected to see each other again.

They were wrong.

Tobias Bennett is a quiet and unassuming man who teaches yoga and enjoys parkour. Though he is proud to be gay, an abusive relationship with a domineering man has left Tobias wary of romance, and he keeps to himself in his tidy Los Angeles apartment.

Pro football player Sullivan Archer is … Continue reading

Review: Leigh Carman – Match Point

51d9dvDuLTLAuthor: Leigh Carman
Reviewer: Stephen
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary

Two stubborn men.

One is a rude jerk. The other, the life of the party.
It was hate at first sight.
Pro beach volleyball players Finn Callahan and Dexter Savage have been rivals since college. While Finn always comes out on top on the court, Dexter’s carefree and fun-loving personality earns him scores of adoring men and women. And as much as Finn fights to … Continue reading