Talia Carmichael – Magnetism ( Something in Common #7 )


Author: Talia Carmichael
Reviewed by: 
DreamSpinner Press
M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:


Taggart Monroe wants to know what makes Rhodes Winslow tick. Rhodes finds the friendly barbs he and Taggart exchange intriguing, fun, and sexy. He wants Taggart and knows Taggart wants him even though he won’t admit it. Taggart studies people the way he studies the details of his cases, so he’s drawn to a man who is an enigma. Getting to know Rhodes is an adventure … Continue reading

Talia Carmichael – No Commitment Necessary

Author: Talia Carmichael
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: DreamSpinner
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781623802615

Summary: An Encounters novella

To commit or not to commit—it’s not even a question for laid-back cowboy Nate Bailey.

Since he doesn’t do relationships and values his peace of mind, his initial reaction to the temptation of his coworker, Kevin Matthews, is a clear no. Then Kevin counteroffers “no-strings sex” and the game changes. Or does it?

Kevin Matthews wants to build a new life. Masterson Ranch is a great place for … Continue reading

Talia Carmichael – Trouble (Something in Common, Book 5)

Author: Talia Carmichael
Reviewed by: Maya
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   978161372772

Summary: Alex Hayes doesn’t get involved. He’s been hurt before and has no desire to repeat the experience. Besides, his friends are his family. He doesn’t need anything else. Or so he thinks until he comes face-to-face with Leslie “Maestro” Hannigan… again.
Two years ago, Alex was the one that got away. But now Leslie knows his name and he isn’t going to lose him twice—especially … Continue reading

Talia Carmichael – Irresistible

Author: Talia Carmichael
Reviews By:
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 13:  9781613726921

Summary: Del Jenkins prefers to be alone—or so he tells himself until his younger brothers try to make him a playdate with bookstore owner Harper Hillman. Del’s brothers just want him to make a new friend, but there is no way he can be friends with Harper. Not unless Harper’s definition of “friends” includes jumping into bed together and getting naked and sweaty. When … Continue reading