Review: Tanya Chris – Predestination Unknown

Author: Tanya Chris
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Self-published
Genre: Fantasy


Luther is almost enjoying a rainy day in Salem, Massachusetts on All Hallow’s Eve when his pursuit of a light-haired, light-skinned guy in a Pilgrim costume sends him crashing back in time to Salem 1692 and the start of the Salem witchcraft trials.

Ezekiel was only going about his chores when a gay, bi-racial man from the future dropped into his life. He doesn’t know Luther is from 2017, … Continue reading

Review: Tanya Chris – Aftercare

Author: Tanya Chris
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: Self-pub
Genre: BDSM


Aayan Denir knows Garrett Hillier was once a high-powered defense attorney, and—thanks to a leaked photograph—he knows Garrett is sexually submissive, which makes him ideally qualified to defend Aayan’s brother from the charge of murdering his sub. Aayan would do anything to protect Syed, even if he doesn’t understand how Syed could hurt someone he loves. He could never hurt Garrett. He only wants to take care of him—love … Continue reading

Review: Tanya Chris – When It All Falls Down

when it allAuthor: Tanya Chris
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Mm Young Adult

Summary: Maybe Charlie should have waited until he graduated high school before coming out, because since that revelation there’s been a growing distance between him and his friends. Charlie’s tough, though. He doesn’t mind eating lunch alone or watching his former gang interact with their new best buddy. What he does mind is seeing Drew Lavoitt suffer the same fate.

Drew didn’t come … Continue reading