Margaret Maron – Death’s Half Acre

 Margaret Maron
Reviewed by:
Grand Central Publishing
M/F Mystery
ISBN 13:

Deborah Knott is district court judge of Colleton County, North Carolina and is married to chief deputy Dwight Bryant.   When Candace Bradshaw, chair of the county board of commissioners, neglects to show up for a meeting and is later found dead in her home Deborah and her chief deputy husband, Dwight Bryant, find themselves in the midst of this high profile case.  Candace was found dead in … Continue reading

Shannon K. Butcher – Love You to Death

Author: Shannon K. Butcher
Reviewed by: Connie
M/F Suspense
ISBN 13:

Elise McBride is a reporter travelling the world and living her dream.   When Elise is unable to reach her sister, Ashley for several days, she senses in her gut something is terribly wrong.  Elise leaves Hong Kong, where she is currently on assignment and hops the next plane she can find to Haven, Illinois.  Once Elise reaches Haven she rents a car and drives to Ashley’s house.  It’s … Continue reading

Susan Wiggs – Just Breathe

 Susan Wiggs
Reviewed by
: Connie
Publisher: Mira Books
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN 13: 9780778325772


Sarah Moon, originally from Glenmuir California, marries a Chicago native.  Jack Daly has lived in Chicago his entire life and has no intention of ever leaving the Windy City.  Sarah is a cartoonist writing the comic strip, Just Breathe.  Shirl is her alter ego in the comic strip.  Soon after Sarah and Jack married Jack was diagnosed with cancer and Sarah remained faithfully by his side throughout his treatments and recovery.  … Continue reading