Tracy Cooper Posey – Diana by the Moon


Author: Tracy Cooper Posey
Reviewed by: Sandy
Publisher: Cerridwen Press
Genre: M/F Historical
ISBN 13: 9781419923791

Summary: Diana—a fiery kitten of a Roman woman, who hides a terrible past and struggles to lead her people on a desperate quest for survival against famine and Saxon raids. She is unable to trust anyone.

Alaric—a proud Celtic warrior and trusted lieutenant to the upstart British leader, Arthur, who must overcome his hatred of Romans if he is to fulfill Arthur’s ambitions in the north.

A haunting tale of … Continue reading

Tracy Cooper-Posey – Dead Again


Author: Tracy Cooper-Posey
Reviewed by:
Ellora’s Cave
M/F Mystery
ISBN 13:


Dead AgainTracy Cooper-PoseyA small plane crashes in the Rockies and the only two survivors, Jack and Sophie, help each other live until rescue arrives, seven days later. Only Sophie goes on to pick up the pieces of her life, which has now been irrevocably changed by big, gentle Jack’s love…and death.But Sophie learns that Jack’s death didn’t close that chapter of her life, after all. … Continue reading