Carol Lynne – Cowboy Rules

cowboy rules
Author: Carol Lynn
Reviewer: Victoria
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: M/M Cowboy

Summary: Rules are made to be broken. Cowboy rules are made to be shattered.

Although ex-con, Cash Wiley, loves working at the Rocking W, being around Shane Ackerman and Dub Walker is the favorite part of his job. He’d had the chance to be with the two men a few months earlier, but he’d blown it before it could happen. He’d ruined everything because he’d refused to have sex without strings attached.

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B.A. Tortuga – The Terms of Release

termsAuthor: B.A. Tortuga
Reviewer: Eladio
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Summary: They say a man can always come home. So after doing hard time, Sage Redding heads to his family’s northeast Texas ranch to help his ailing daddy with the cutting horses. Adam (Win) Winchester is a county deputy and the cousin of one of the men killed in the incident that sent Sage to prison for almost a decade. While Win’s uncles, Jim and Teddy, are determined to make Sage and the entire Redding … Continue reading

Drew Hunt – Cowboy Sandwich

cowboyAuthor: Drew Hunt
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: JMS Book
Genre: M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13: 9781611525540

Summary Barry Logan’s day starts out shitty and continues to go down the crapper. His car breaks down in the Middle of Nowhere, Colorado. The only mechanic for miles is out of town, forcing Barry to hole up and await his return. Bored and hungry, Barry goes to the town’s only bar in search of food and entertainment. The former is almost inedible, but his interest in the latter is piqued when … Continue reading

Jess Buffett – Loving His Cowboy

loving his cowboyAuthor: Jess Buffett
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13:

Summary: Quinn Bridges has almost everything a man could ask for. He is healthy, his cattle station is doing well, and he just signed a deal of a life time. After a chance encounter with a young man at the pub, he thinks perhaps he has met the final missing piece to his life.

Luc Walker has spent most of his life proving himself to everyone around him. Meeting Quinn changes … Continue reading

Jennah Scott – One Night Ride

oneAuthor: Jennah Scott
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company
Genre: M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13: 9781613336632

Summary: Brett Colson’s ready to get back into the dating game. Competing in rodeos across the country kept him out of the game, so when he hears about the 1Night Stand service from a friend, he takes a chance.

Bull rider Jace Peterson lost his first love over a year before to another man. Hitting his thirtieth birthday, Jace listens to his friends’ concerns; he needs to end his self-imposed dry … Continue reading

Jan Irving – Lonely Cowboy

lonelyAuthor: Jan Irving
Reviewed by: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: Totally Bound
Genre: M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13: 9781781849514

Navy SEAL Simon Morrison came home broken. But quilter Tate Stevens is slowly healing him. If only Simon’s secret didn’t endanger them both.
Tate… I fell in love with a man I didn’t understand. You know how that is? Simon Morrison has long silver blond hair in a ragged ponytail and blue eyes more alive than I’ve ever seen, like he’s walked with death so everything else has burned … Continue reading

Bailey Bradford – Breaking the Devil


Author: Bailey Bradford
Reviewed by: Susan65
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13: 9781607374336


Mack and Justin grew up together and were best friends for years, until one day that friendship turned into something hotter and more powerful than either man had ever experienced before. A passionate coupling that branded each man forever—or so Mack thought, until the dreaded day after. That’s when Justin told Mack the whole thing didn’t mean anything to him, and walked away from Mack’s promises … Continue reading

Ariel Tachna – Outlast the Night


Author: Ariel Tachna
Reviewed by: Vivian
DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781623807092


Office manager Sam Emery is unemployed and out of luck. When his emotionally abusive wife demands a divorce, he contacts the one person he has left, his brother, Neil. He doesn’t expect Neil to reject him, but he also doesn’t expect the news of his divorce—and of his sexuality—to be met with such acceptance.

Neil takes Sam to Lang Downs, the sheep station Neil calls home. There, … Continue reading

Dale Chase – Lonely As God


Author: Dale Chase
Reviewed by: 
Wild City Press
M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13:


For young drover Tom Seeley, the Chisholm Trail is a lonely damn place, which hardly seems possible among eighteen men and two thousand head of cattle. It’s while guarding the stock at night that second man Jack Dawe quotes a snip of poetry to reveal himself a like-minded man. Suddenly, under that big empty night sky, the loneliness starts to disappear.

When you’re out on the trail, … Continue reading

V.M. Waitt – Chase the storm

chase the storm

Author: V.M. Waitt
Reviewed by: Connie
Publisher: DreamSpinner
Genre: M/M Cowboy
ISBN 13: 9781623804954


Up until he buys an old truck, Elijah Morgan lives life according to his family’s plan, never feeling like he belongs. Desperate to find his own path, he heads out on the open road, only to end up stranded in Nebraska. Not wanting to ask for his parents’ help, he takes a job with tough, independent farmer Chase McKenzie.

Despite their age gap, the attraction between … Continue reading