ARC Review: Jameson Dash – A Terrible Husband

terribleAuthor: Jameson Dash
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: MM Contemporary
ISBN: 9781632166296
[xrr rating=3.75/5]

Available 1/14/15

Summary: Miles, retired model turned fashion boutique owner, shares his life with much younger Jeremy, a music promoter. Miles’s glory days are long gone, and now he’s standing at the sideline while Jeremy enjoys his prime and his renown in the music industry.

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, Jeremy surprises Miles with a trip to their favorite place, the party island of Ibiza. It’s a chance to visit old … Continue reading

Jameson Dash – Home Team


Author: Jameson Dash
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Sports
ISBN 13:   9781627981590
[xrr rating=3/5] 


Summary:  After fifteen years playing pro hockey, Aaron Buckley screws up, and his mistake and his attitude get him sent down to the minor leagues. His new team is in his old city, where he started his career in hockey, and also where he left his boyfriend behind. His luck hasn’t improved since joining a team of rookies and kids, but he has discovered that Zach—the … Continue reading

Jameson Dash – Country Messes


Author: Jameson Dash
Reviewed by: JustJen
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: 9781610404754
[xrr rating=3/5]


Matthew loves his dog and his garden. He doesn’t love the club scene. But just when he’s decided to stop looking, Amie drags him away to her grandparents’ beach house, where they discover Louis, her cousin, has been hiding out all summer. He’s there trying to write a musical; Matthew is trying not to make a fool of himself in front of his three best friends.

It’s … Continue reading