Molly Diamond – Ethereal Vixen

Author: Molly Diamond
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: M/F paranormal
ISBN 13:   9781926771557

Summary: Aaron encounters a beautiful woman and a bizarre chair with sexual carvings, but sex in the chair comes with an unexpected twist!  When Aaron discovers the weird chair carved with nude bodies in bizarre sexual positions he assumes it’s just another unusual part of visiting McDennessee Castle. He meets a blonde bombshell tourist, and not believing his luck, takes her up on her offer to test drive the … Continue reading

Molly Diamond – Magic’s Fiery Embrace

Author: Molly Diamond
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: M/F Fantasy
ISBN 13: 9781926930558

As a fan of fantasy, I found this book to be a very good start to what may be a great series. Ember is the eldest of the Daughters of Trinity and the favorite of the goddess Freya. Always the strong willed and more defiant of the fae triplets, Ember is chosen by Freya to undertake a quest to find and destroy the Thorn of Ebon. Freya has an … Continue reading