Jade Buchanan – Broken Boughs


Author: Jade Buchanan
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Holiday

Summary:  There’s only one thing Neil Brogan wants for Christmas, and that’s for his lover, Jonah Chevalier, to accept his proposal. They’ve been together for over a year, and Neil wants to make this a night to remember. Will Jonah accept and make an honest man out of Neil? Or will his carefully crafted night go to the dogs when their puppy interferes with his romantic setting? 


Jonah and Neil have been friends … Continue reading

Lisa Worrall – The Perfect Gift (Mr Popsalos 2)


Author: Lisa Worrall
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13:  9781614958727

Summary:  Jamie and Luke’s first anniversary is fast approaching and Jamie knows exactly what he wants to give Luke. The platinum wedding bands have been burning a hole in his suitcase in the attic for two months. But before he can say those four life-changing words, an accident throws their well-ordered lives into disarray.

Review:  The Perfect Gift is the follow up to the 2011 Christmas story, which was my first introduction to Lisa … Continue reading

Fyn Alexander – Rentboy


Author: Fyn Alexandar
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   9781623000783

Summary: Knowing he is gay, but nerdy and extremely shy, scientist Dr. Edward Atherton, is out looking for his first sexual encounter in order to avoid being a 30 year old virgin, and because he desperately wants sex with a man. With his birthday fast approaching he goes in search of a prostitute.

The young Goth he meets in a back alley in Soho, London, was not exactly what he had in mind, … Continue reading

Ross A. McCoubrey – One Boy’s Shadow


Author: Ross A. McCoubrey
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: M/M Young Adult
ISBN 13:

Summary:  Fifteen-year-old Caleb Mackenzie doesn’t put up a fight when his father announces the family is moving to Stapeton, Nova Scotia. In fact, Caleb looks forward to a fresh start in the scenic little area. Their new home, Wakefield House, sports large rooms, a big barn where Caleb can work on cars, and acres of forested land for privacy. But it also has a troubling past. In 1943, a boy who lived in … Continue reading

Ari McKay – Santa’s Naughty Helper


Author: Ari McKay
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13:   9781610404051

Summary:  When shy attorney Kevin Anderson draws Erik Wilson, his hunky co-worker, in their office’s secret gift exchange, he realizes this might be just the opportunity he needs to make Erik notice him. Erik seems to enjoy the game of twelve days of naughty gifts, but can Kevin overcome his fear of rejection enough to go through with his plan and offer himself to Erik on Christmas Eve?

Review: Santa’s Naughty Helper is … Continue reading

Piper Whitney – Fractured Heart


Author: Piper Whitney
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13:   9781614958253

Summary:  When widower, father of one, Cole Nichols, takes his daughter, Kaitlyn, to see Santa, he is surprised when she tells him all she wants for Christmas is for her father to find someone to love. Little does Cole know that someone is a person he has known for years.

Syd Kidwell is Kaitlyn’s teacher and has been friends with Cole for a number of years. Though he has always harbored feelings for … Continue reading

Doris O’Connor – For the Love of Mutt


Author: Doris O’Connor
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: M/F Paranormal
ISBN 13:   9781771019316

Summary:  A homeless shelter at Christmas may seem an odd place to find one’s soul mate, but love knows no boundaries—or does it?

Anja has grown fond of the wolf-like dog hanging around the shelter. With her soon to be ex -boyfriend putting pressure on her, her canine friend proves to be more reliable than any human could ever be. If only he were more than just a dog.

Helping others is not … Continue reading

Sloan Parker – Something to Believe In


Author: Sloan Parker
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13:   9781608208371

Summary:  After running away from the hatred and abuse of their teen years, Sean and Gavin have been hustling to survive for too long now. When some extra cash lands them alone in a hotel room until Christmas, they can no longer deny their feelings for each other. Now neither one can imagine watching the other walk off with one more trick. Even with no money and no job prospects, Sean is determined … Continue reading

Charlie Cochet – Mending Noel

Author: Charlie Cochet
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: DreamSpinner
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13: 9781623802035


All is not sparkly snowflakes and sweet candy canes in North Pole City. Office workers Tim and Noel do nothing all day but antagonize each other—petty fighting that might be based on hatred… or a heated mutual attraction. It’s up to Jack Frost and his elf-friend Rudy to broach the hostilities and introduce some Christmas kisses, but is the Frost Prince up to the challenge of launching a new romance … Continue reading

Missy Welsh -An Angel Gets His Wings

Author: Missy Welsh
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: MLR Press Inc
Genre: M/M Holiday
ISBN 13: 9781608208050


Mike Sharp is in Little Rock, Arkansas, visiting his family for Christmas while his best friend Brian Bailey’s up north walking right into Mike’s plans to hook him up with his neighbor Trent. Unfortunately, it seems like someone’s conspiring to get Mike panting after his third cousin, twice removed (or something like that) named George Whitlock. George who keeps sneaking up on him, being all shy and cute, … Continue reading