Win – Paradox Lost by Libby Drew

Why Time Travel Would Be My Superpower of Choice

We’ve all thought about it. If we could possess one ultimate power that bent the rules of our current lives, what would we choose? I’ll admit teleportation has been near the top of the list. But no matter how nice it would be to trim the hours of driving I do each day, it’s a short-sighted wish.

No, what I would love most of all is the ability to travel through time. It’s something I’ve been obsessed with since childhood, and I’m thrilled to finally give life to that … Continue reading

Libby Drew – Paradox Lost

Author: Libby Drew
Reviewed by: Eladio
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: M/M Science Fiction
ISBN 13: 9781426897832
[xrr rating=5/5]

Summary: Time travel tour guide Reegan McNamara’s job—taking eager tourists whenever they want to go—is usually a breeze. A trip back to 2020 to watch a world-changing speech seems no different, until a woman runs away from his tour group before the jump home. Now her tycoon husband is demanding her safe return—or Reegan will lose more than just his job.

PI Saul Kildare’s business is running on borrowed time. Due to … Continue reading

Libby Drew – Bending the Iron


Author: Libby Drew
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Carina Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:
[xrr rating=4/5] 


Summary:  Michael feels trapped. In his conservative, poor hometown where he has to keep his sexuality hidden. In his dead-end job. In caring for his alcoholic grandfather. Everything changes when he meets Eric, the new curator for the railroad museum. His curiosity about the passionate man quickly gives way to an intense attraction—one that Eric happily returns.

Carefree and refreshingly confident, Eric guides Michael to places he’s … Continue reading

Libby Drew 40 Souls to Keep (audio edition)


15824603 (1)Author: Libby Drew
Reviewed by: Asabat
Publisher: Carina Press, audio edition by Harlequin Enterprises and Audible, Inc.
Genre: M/M
ISBN 13:
[xrr rating=5/5]

Narrator: Charles Carr

Audio Length: nine hours and forty-six minutes

About my ratings: I only rate and review novels that I’ve enjoyed.

Summary:  Seven years ago, Jase awoke with the mystical power to heal people—and no memory of his past. The only clue to his identity is the number forty tattooed on his arm. Driven by a mission he doesn’t understand, Jase follows … Continue reading