What we loved in 2017

Favorites of 2017

The books we just couldn’t put down this year, in no particular order!  Click to see reviews (where available).


Sanctuary (A Tale from the Mercy Hills Universe) By Ann-Katrin Byrde

This was by far my favorite book of the year, and since Ann-Katrin always makes my favorites lists that’s no big surprise.  A friends-to-lovers book that follows two shifters, Ori and Patton, this book is full of sweetness and adventure.  Ori and Patton have always been best friends and in their heart of hearts they know they’ve always loved one another, but … Continue reading

2016 Favorites!

Ashley 2016 Favorites

Harold (Theosophi 2) by T.A. Creech

This delightful novella is about a grumpy angel falling to earth and the former soldier who falls in love with him.  See my review for more details!

Hexmaker (Hexworld 2) by Jordan L. Hawk

The second book in the amazing Jordan L. Hawk’s Hexworld series, this book follows the fox shifter Malachi and the forensic hexman for the Metropolitan Witch Police Dr. Owen Yates .  When Malachi, a thief, is wrongfully accused of murder he is only just saved by Owen who happens by and who Malachi recognizes … Continue reading

Hearts on Fire Favorites of 2015


The Bells of Times Square – Amy Lane
Beneath the Stain – Amy Lane
The Tin Box – Kim Fielding
Semper Fi – Keira Andrews
Light from the Dark – Mercy Celeste
Lonely Hearts – Heidi Cullinan
Something Like Thunder – Jay Bell
Tigers on the Run – Sean Kennedy
How to Howl at the Moon – Eli Easton
Rattlesnake – Kim Fielding

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