Review: Stephanie Hoyt – A Holiday Ruse

Author: Stephanie Hoyt
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: NineStar Press
Genre: FF Holiday

Summary: Kezia’s been harboring feelings for Magdalena for what feels like an eternity. She’s made peace with that. But when her happily committed best friend is suddenly single, that peace is disturbed. Especially when Magdalena comes to Kezia asking for a huge, unreasonable favor. Kezia doesn’t know how to say no, even though she knows she should. Will she be able to maintain her composure while … Continue reading

Giveaway: WIN! Cari Z and Caitlin Ricci – Spring Blossom

spring blossomBlurb: Relationships, BDSM, and family are all complicated enough on their own—and almost impossible when they come crashing together unexpectedly. When Danny’s brother sees a bruise that Danny obtained while in a scene with Lucy, she faces judgement from her family and their reactions send her running to Lucy for a safe place to clear her head.

But staying with her girlfriend isn’t the solution to the problem, and if she’s going to untangle the mess that her life has become, Danny first … Continue reading

Review: TT Kove – The Huntress (Legend and Lore #3)

huntressAuthor: TT Kove
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Kove Publications
Genre: FF Fantasy

Summary: Liv ran away from her privileged life as a princess to find her own destiny. On her journey she meets a woman like no one she’s ever seen before – and by journeying with her Liv will finally discover her own place in the world, like she’s been longing to find out for so long.
Review: In this novella we meet Liv, a princess with magical powers who wants nothing to do with … Continue reading

Kim Flowers – Amelia’s Revolution


Author: Kim Flowers
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: QueerTeen Press
Genre: F/F Steampunk
ISBN 13:

Summary:  Amelia and her father, the governor of Delaware, attend a formal dinner to meet with a delegate for Queen Victoria who declares the United States must sign a treaty with Britain to reinstate colonial rule or there will be war. Amelia runs away to warn the rest of the town, but not before she sees the most beautiful girl on earth. To Amelia’s horror, the beautiful girl — … Continue reading