Review: Francis Gideon – Hopeless Romantic

Author: Francis Gideon
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: MM Transgender
[xrr rating=4/5]

Summary: Nick Fraser is a true romantic. He wants the guy instead of the girl, but other than that, he wants everything his favorite rom-coms depict: the courtship, the passionate first kiss, the fairy-tale wedding. But after breaking up with the love of his life, Nick wonders if anything fairy-tale will ever happen for him.

Then he meets Katie, who’s just like a … Continue reading

Giveaway: Francis Gideon – Thirteen Hours


Hans longs to be accepted by his academic peers. When he discovers a cure for the ongoing zombie crisis, he thinks he’s finally achieved that goal—only to be stripped of his rank and unceremoniously tossed out on the streets.

With nowhere else to turn, Hans, his wife, and her lover Joan look for solutions in other areas, cobbling together a lab and supplies by scrounging the back alleys of London. The only thing they lack is a body to experiment on.

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Giveaway: Francis Gideon – The Upsides of Anger


When Justin’s best friend drags him to a track meeting, Justin thinks he’s just going for the distraction. Having been dumped by his girlfriend, and still in the closet as bisexual, running allows him to forget about his problems. Everything works out—until his mother donates his favourite pair of sneakers to the local charity.

As Justin tries to find his old sneakers, he stumbles on a pair of identical running shoes—and learns too late they are simultaneously cursed and enchanted by … Continue reading

Francis Gideon – Blank Space guest post and giveaway


After a reunion concert for their favourite band, Curtis and Adrian remember all the things that used to keep them together before they met their wives and had kids. When Adrian’s conversation suddenly turns sexual, Curtis isn’t quite sure how to proceed. Their past together is long gone, but the unrequited feelings still remain. Curtis and his wife have always gone by the rule of look, but don’t touch, so talking, he figures, is okay.

As their conversations grow in … Continue reading

Francis Gideon – The Life and Death of Eli and Jay giveaway


Eli and Jay have known one another since they were children. Their life on the Star Belt government reserve in Saskatchewan isn’t great, but the people—like Tantoo, Eli’s grandmother, Jay’s sisters and grandmother Buffy—have always made life tolerable.

Until the day Jay kisses Eli, only to be rejected, and a moment of misunderstanding drives the two friends apart for years. When tragedy strikes, Eli wonders if the event will be enough to draw the two together once more.

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Review: Francis Gideon – The Boyfriend Rule How to Make a Carrot Cake f

boyfriendAuthor: Francis Gideon
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: MM Holiday
[xrr rating=4/5]

Summary: Billy Lawson hates Christmas, which means his boyfriend, Nate must work twice as hard to keep the holiday spirit alive between them.

Billy Lawson hates Christmas. The carols, the gaudy decorations, and the crowds seem to be even worse this year. To make matters worse, it looks like Billy’s father, Jimmy, will be stuck in the hospital over the holiday season due to his … Continue reading

Francis Gideon – The Good Guys excerpt and giveaway


When Oliver meets a really cute elf while out Live Action Role Playing, he thinks he’s found the Sam to his Frodo. He tries to find out more about Oakenshire the Elf, but comes up with nothing. When summer vacation forces the LARPing group to take a break, Oliver throws himself into his upcoming play, where he is one of the main leads. There he meets a new person to captivate his attention: Avery.

She’s smart, funny, and into all … Continue reading

Francis Gideon – A Winter in Rome giveaway


Craig is a man adrift, never quite feeling like he belongs or like he’s as successful and settled as those around him—especially his lovers, Alan, an art professor he met while in college, and Sybil, who tutored him throughout his Italian class. When Alan goes to Rome life becomes even shakier and the only grounding point becomes the corkboard of memories Craig creates for the three of them.

By the time Alan returns, Craig isn’t certain how his relationships will change—especially when Alan starts to fall for Sybil, bringing two … Continue reading

Giveaway: Francis Gideon – The Kissing Contest

kissingBlurb: Homer Ruiz is a well-known actor who is constantly cast as bad guys, gigolos, or men of ill-repute. As a publicity stunt, his friend Jack Douglas has arranged a kissing contest to be held inside a Paris Hotel and Casino, where some of the most famous and attractive men from around the world will compete for the bragging rights of best kisser in the world.

It’s a contest that everyone enjoys—except Homer, who is left reminded all over again that people love the … Continue reading