Giveaway: K.L. Noone – Port In a Storm

Colin is not having the best time lately, being a runaway shifter with a less than stellar reputation, hiding beneath a car in the pouring rain hoping to evade the angry warlock looking for him.

David’s had a long day; being the local white witch and healer is a worthwhile occupation, but it’s rarely an easy one. When he spies a stray kitten under his car, he figures he’ll be able to rescue at least one living thing that night…



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Giveaway: LJ Hamlin – Blood Visions

Private detective Ronan Bayne is a former cop who now runs his own agency specializing in all things paranormal. After several women go missing, and the cops and FBI are equally frustrated and at a loss, Ronan is called in to see if he can find answers they can’t.

After waking up from a terrible vision of a girl, darkness, and blood, Dustin tries to go to the police but to no avail. But on a visit to the crime … Continue reading

Giveaway: LJ Hamlin – The Christmas Office Party

Jake likes his job working in a call center office, especially as it brings the added bonus of seeing Liam every day. But Jake is determined not to act on his crush, even when he discovers Liam is a submissive.

But at the office Christmas party everyone cuts loose, even Liam, who seems determined to bring Jake over to his way of celebrating.


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Giveaway: Laurin Kelly – From Blood To Roses

Rob’s latest job is a simple one—kill the target, make sure it doesn’t look like murder, break into the safe and take the goods back to his client. A second hitman who gets the drop on him definitely puts a dent in his plans.

When they cross paths again, Rob doesn’t know if he wants to kill the man or screw him. Unfortunately, someone else wants both him and Kelan dead, and if they’re going to survive two men used to … Continue reading

Giveaway: Michelle Robbins – Screaming Orgasm

IF_ScreamingOrgasmBlurb:   Dylan is a Urilqii soldier, sworn to destroy the Targolt on sight and assigned to do so on the planet called Earth. He is leader of a tank squadron that’s busy testing their equipment in the southern Nevada desert outside of Pahrump. He should feel content, maybe eager for the looming conflict, but Dylan is feeling unsettled instead. What bothers him? He’s lonely. Not just any kind of lonely, but anxious for the exquisite beauty of a bonded partner. His wishes for … Continue reading