Heidi Belleau & Amelia C. Gormley – Giving An Inch


Author: Heidi Belleau & Amelia C. Gormley
Reviewed by: Connie
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Genre: M/M BDSM
ISBN 13: 9781626490178

Summary:  School is back in session. 

History grad James Sheridan thinks his biggest problem in life is trying to find a suitable outfit for his upcoming Ph.D. candidacy exam. That is, until he accidentally texts a changing-room selfie meant for his fashionable sister to his ex, the domineering Professor Carson.

James and Carson haven’t seen each since James fled their power games two years ago. Back … Continue reading

Amelia Gormley – Velocity (Impulse, book 3)


Author: Amelia C.Gormley
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Create Space Publishing
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13: 9781482336276



For Detroit handyman Derrick Chance and his lover, Gavin Hayes, the holiday season is filled with the promise of new beginnings. Gavin’s officially moving in, and after the New Year, they’ll begin house hunting. But they both know all the talk of gift exchange, whose holiday ornaments go where, and what repairs and remodels will be needed to put Derrick’s house on the … Continue reading

Amelia C. Gormley – Acceleration (Impulse, Book 2)

Author: Amelia  C. Gormley
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M
ISBN 13:   9781480221666


 The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen. “    ~~~~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


     I just had to open this review … Continue reading

November Interview and Giveaway – Amelia Gormley

Aggie makes Amelia sit for a minute and dish…

1) What made you want to be a writer?  

I’ve always had stories to tell. I think I was in the sixth grade when I wrote my first short story to publish in the school newspaper and wrote a couple plays for my class to produce. I was in the eighth grade and had just discovered bodice rippers when I decided to write a romance novel myself, and that same year I began writing what I wouldn’t find out for another six or seven years was known as fanfiction. That was … Continue reading

Amelia C. Gormley – Inertia (Impulse , Book One)

Author: Amelia C. Gormley
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Self Published Smashwords
Genre: M/M
ISBN 13:   9781476267944

Sometimes unresolved issues with grief can force a person to run and hide, causing that person to bury themselves in work and loneliness, too afraid to love and to be loved in return.

This is what happens to Derrick Chance, a thirty-one year old Detroit handyman, in Amelia Gromley’s heartfelt novel, Inertia.

After he suffers the loss of one loved one after another, Derrick, lives a peaceful, if … Continue reading