Michael Gouda – Gay Knights and Horny Heroes: Tales from the Court of King Arthur


Author: Michael Gouda
Reviewed by: Gawain
Publisher: DreamSpinner
Genre: M/M Anthology
ISBN 13: 9781615819676



The timeless tales of King Arthur have been told throughout the ages as sterling examples of bravery, manhood, and heart-searing romance. But really, we know it’s all about the men.

Here we have a re-imagined landscape of Arthurian love stories, a place in which contests of strength become contests of foreplay, a knight’s favored squire may be his equally favored bedmate, and Lancelot is given his rightful place … Continue reading

Michael Gouda – Crimes of Passion

Author: Michael Gouda
Reviewed by: Pamela
MLR Press
M/M Mystery
ISBN 13:

First of all I am quite familiar with Mr. Gouda’s writing, having read many of his works on World Wide Gay Short Stories. The Silvain mysteries was one of my favorites however, the character’s name was Matt Silvain not Tim Sinclair. OH! And the book’s blurb refers to the PI as Tim Silvain, not Sinclair – OOPS!?

This ebook appears to be an unpretentious collection … Continue reading