Review: A.J. Rose – Soul Searching

Author: A.J. Rose
Reviewer: Toni
Publisher: The Grim Writer Press
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal


Something lurks within the walls of the house Trevor Mathews and his best friend Merrick Taylor share. It watches them and their friends. It needs them. It knows their weaknesses.

Trevor’s in love with Merrick and hasn’t got the nerve to tell him. Merrick’s relationship is already failing, but he doesn’t believe he deserves what he truly desires. And the dark presence enjoys their suffering.

The … Continue reading

Review: AJ Rose – Defenseless

51avmcjgdolAuthor: AJ Rose
Reviewer: Wendy
Publisher: The Grim Writer Press
Genre: MM Contemporary


From Rainbow Award-winning author AJ Rose, Defenseless is a gut-wrenching, heart-stopping story of love through adversity.

Kyle Decker knew dating Jesse McGovern would change his life. Young and in love, and with the Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality, the world is theirs to conquer.

But their victorious Pride celebration ends in a savage attack, brutally demonstrating they’re far from equal. … Continue reading