Guest with giveaway: Kim Dias – Breakfast at Midnight

Anyone who’s ever spoken to me about my writing for longer than five minutes know how much I struggle with plot. I write character-first, which means I come up with a character or characters and my plot grows from them. I don’t think up a plot and then fit my characters into it. Character-first is my favourite way to write—but it can make my plots awfully difficult to describe (which is why I will forever be grateful … Continue reading

Guest blogger and giveaway: Alicia Nordwell – Earning His Trust

Five Things You Don’t Know About Me ~ Adult Version

  • I’ve worked in the medical field, which made it easy to decide on making one of my characters in Earning His Trust a doctor, and I do a lot of consulting for the authors who know I’ve a lot of experience with that. Need to figure out why a vampire might have a realistic medical reason for having red eyes and a need for blood? I’ve done that!
  • Tying … Continue reading
  • Win amazon gift card with our guest: Xavier Axelson

    sancyuarypigsI haven’t written a guest blog in years, bear with me. It’s early, the sun is out but it’s a blessedly cool California morning and I’m a quarter way through my first cup of French Press…bear with me. The coffee is Portola; a surprisingly good bean and there are scarlet and purple gladiolas in the vase. Lavender is on my mind. I haven’t written anything about my latest novella because I’m trying to remember how it all began.

    I think … Continue reading

    Guest post: David Pratt – Wallaconia

    Wallaconia_cover finalBy the time you read this I will have recorded half of the Wallaçonia audio book. It is Saturday morning the twentieth; my friend Niki, who is engineering for me, is due at nine. I have been rehearsing the past two days, which means reading twice through today’s selection, the first seven chapters. The first read-through strained my vocal cords. For the second read-through I whispered. I have been less able to manage the psychic pain the read-throughs have … Continue reading

    Guest blogger: Neil Plakcy – The Next One Will Kill You

    tnowky_coversmall-1I’ve been reading about the developing category of New Adult fiction for a while. Stephan Lee, writing in the June 20 edition of Entertainment Weekly, defined the genre as “millennial tube-top rippers” and noted “Books in the genre – which thrives in the digital sphere – are also defined by their roller-coaster intensity.”

    In the same article, St. Martin’s Griffin publisher Jennifer Enderlin is quoted as saying that New Adult is “young people dealing with more angsty issues … Continue reading

    Guest: Jace Ellis – Alex’s Law




    Alex Corrigan is in love with his boss, Judge Lawson Daniels, and thinks those feelings are returned. That assumption is sorely tested two days before the court holiday party they’re organizing together, when the venue calls and cancels, followed by a snafu with the caterer. Alex could handle that, but after an intimate dinner followed by a decidedly unromantic e-mail, he’s left wondering about the future of his employment as well as his relationship with the debonair older … Continue reading

    Guest: Anna Martin – Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me and One Time I Kissed Him First

    Hello! Thank you for joining me at Hearts on Fire so I can talk about my new book, ‘Five Times My Best Friend Kissed Me, and One Time I Kissed Him First’.

    Today I’m going to give you a little introduction to the book’s main character, Evan.

    Evan isn’t the first artist I’ve written, and I’m pretty sure he won’t be the last either! I’m not much of an artist myself; I can copy and sketch … Continue reading

    Guest blogger: Nicki Bennett -The Cattle Baron’s Bogus Boyfriend

    Category Romances and Tropes

    Like probably many of you, I grew up reading category romances—those four- or six-a-month releases of short, fluffy novels with instantly recognizable covers. You could sign up for a subscription service and they’d delivery the books to you automatically every month. They were a bit of a guilty pleasure, but when each box of new books arrived, I was guaranteed days of blissfully romantic escape. Over time my reading tastes changed, but I still have a shelf full of numbered titles from a few favorite authors that I haven’t been able to bring myself … Continue reading

    Guest blogger: AJ Truman – Out on a LImb

    Out on a Limb - High ResolutionThe 3 Gay New Adult Books You Need to Read Right Now
    By A.J. Truman

    I am proud to be a writer of gay new adult. College, or college-age, is such a formative time in our lives. It’s ripe for conflict. For many of us, this is the first time where we are on our own, trying to be an adult. Cameron, the main character in Out on … Continue reading

    Avery Cockburn – Glasgow Lads, guest blogger, review and giveaway

    We are so happy to welcome Avery Cockburn, sitting down to dish a bit! 

    First, thanks ever so much to Hearts on Fire for reviewing Play On and Playing for Keeps, and for having me visit your blog. It means a lot for new authors like me to have a chance to reach readers, so I’m very excited!

    Q: I’m assuming ‘Avery Cockburn’ is a pen name, so I’d love to know the story behind that choice. 🙂

    A: It is, in fact, a pseudonym. I’ve several traditionally published novels under my (super secret) real name. It was time for … Continue reading